COVID Updates

Is a COVID-19 Vaccine the Cure?

By Dr. Christopher Casscells
August 15, 2020
To date, there has never been a successful cold or flu vaccine, but only a "moderately" successful flu vaccine that temporarily improves the ability to fight off the virus. Knowing this about the cold or flu vaccine should lead us to question how effective a COVID-19 vaccine will truly be.
Let's take a look at some main points about vaccine (prevention), as well as the therapeutic treatment of sick COVID-19 patients to help us answer this question.
Vaccine (prevention)
           Therapeutic Treatment (treatment of sick COVID-19 patients)
In conclusion, the COVID-19 vaccine is not a miracle cure. The therapeutic treatment with antibody-rich plasma or synthetic antibodies has been successful at treating the most vulnerable and sickest patients with very high, nearly 100% success rate. The treatment is currently in clinical trials and looks extremely promising.