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(Pictured: Delaware Legislative Hall, Dover, DE)

Delaware's statewide property tax update

3/11/2019 DATA DELAWARE:  Delaware's statewide property tax update Senate Bill 50, the Del Tech carve-out, is dead. State Senator Colin Bonini provided the leadership in defeating it! Today, the State Senator from the 16th District, makes his first of a two part visit addressing the looming court case that might bring property reassessment and a statewide property tax to Delaware. In this interview, Colin begins to explain how he might be able to front-run that decision and avert the tax tsunami he sees coming. For his interview CLICK ON PODCAST LINK BELOW...
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Delaware’s Misguided Lawsuits against the EPA

Delaware’s Misguided Lawsuits against the EPA By David T. Stevenson, CRI Policyb Director 2/28/2019   Delaware has joined another multi-state lawsuit against a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation.   The Obama era EPA wrote the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule to limit power plants in upwind states, such as Pennsylvania, from polluting downwind states, such as Delaware.  The DC Appeals Court overturned the regulation as it required states to reduce emissions by more than their relative contributions to downwind pollution, and didn’t allow the states to devise their own compliance plans as required by the Clean Air Act. ...[read more]

Del Tech tax issue sign of deeper problem

(Originally published on March 1, 2019 by Delaware Business Now.  See link below to be directed to the originally article or to contact the publisher, Doug Rainey.) Good afternoon, Constituents spoke out and a plan to provide a reliable source of funds for maintenance and related expenses at Delaware Technical and Community wasdropped like a hot rock. In the past few years, opposition to property and gas tax proposals have ended efforts to deal with polluted waterways and infrastructure. Delaware Tech is a key player in efforts to adapt to a new economic reality by providing an option that does not lead to massive amounts of student debt. The institution also offerssp...[read more]

The BOLD Plan, solving Delaware’s education crisis

SOLVING THE EDUCATION DILEMMA Written by Ron Russo 2/1/2019   Many worthwhile improvements have been made to increase the educational performance of Delaware’s students. We have experienced Visions, Races, increased resources, more administrators and support staff. The dilemma is that despite these worthwhile efforts there has been no significant education improvement in over 30 years!   The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) shows that from 1999 to 2017 our 8th graders’ progress has been flat with two-thirds functionally illiterate in math and reading. The Alliance for Excellent Education reports only 34% are college ready. Recently lo...[read more]

Live free, but not in Delaware

Live free, but not in Delaware By David T. Stevenson, CRI Policy Director 9/4/2018   Delaware ranks 43rdin the new Cato Institute, “Freedom in the Fifty States”.  That is probably too generous.   The Cato report highlights several policy issues including: Move education spending from the state to local responsibility Liberalize insurance laws to encourage competition Limit civil asset forfeiture laws to protect citizens from police abuse   We agree these issues are important.  Delaware needs more health insurers to drive down cost.  More local control of education would be a bonus, especially movin...[read more]

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