About CRI

The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Delaware, committed to protecting individual liberties. As a nonpartisan public policy think tank, our primary focus is providing fact-based analyses in the areas of:  education, energy & environmental policy, the economy & government spending, and health policyOur mission is to educate and inform constituents, legislators, and stakeholders on important issues that impact their livelihood.
CRI's Guiding Principles:
1.  Analysis will be independent and driven by reliable data.
2.  When new information is presented, we consider it and adjust our analysis when necessary.
3.  We will stay focused on the issues that affect Delawareans and are directly aligned with our policy center initiatives.
4.  We believe that markets work and that the government’s role should be limited to activities that cannot be better served through private means.
5.  We believe good laws, regulations, and legislation can only be created when the costs, benefits, impact, and secondary effects are well understood.
6.  Laws and regulations can limit liberty. We need the right laws, not just more of them.
7.  The US and Delaware constitutions are the basis for law and governance. Laws must conform with these Constitutions.
8.  We are responsible financial stewards and forthcoming, conscientious partners with our donors.
CRI is one of many state think tanks across the country that believes in individual initiative, property rights, personal responsibility, and strong local communities. A number of other organizations around the United States and around the globe share this same vision. In particular, we are closely aligned with the State Policy Network which has a membership of over 50 state-focused, free-market think tanks in all 50 states.