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Preserving Our Coastline: Protest at the offshore wind information event | 3/10/2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   NEWARK, D.E.  -- The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is contemplating leasing land to US Wind for offshore wind power cables at 3Rs Beach in Delaware Seashore State Park, which has triggered significant public con...[read more]

New Data Reveals Delaware Students are Missing a ‘Ton’ of School | 6/26/2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   NEWARK, D.E. – The Caesar Rodney Institute released a new report that analyzes student absenteeism before, during, and after COVID-19. The data shows a steady increase (2019-2022) in the percentage of Delaware students that are not attending s...[read more]

Save The Whales Coalition Warns NOAA | 5/9/2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    Save The Whales Coalition Warns NOAA: Don’t Allow More Harassment from Wind Power ‘With dozens of dead whales and dolphins washing up … now is a particularly unsuitable time for NOAA to authorize the harassment or injury of right whales ...[read more]

We Oppose Delaware Offshore Wind because... | 5/2/2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    We Oppose Delaware Offshore Wind because it’s Expensive, Unreliable, and Threatens the Natural Environment  Setting the Record Straight on Why Caesar Rodney Institute Opposes Offshore Wind Farms     NEWARK, D.E. – I...[read more]

Incorporate Traditional Discipline Back into Delaware Schools | 4/24/2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  NEWARK, DE (April 24, 2023) – In 2014, the Obama Administration felt that there was discrimination in the way in which discipline was applied in our nation’s public schools and felt that this disproportionately impacted students of color and studen...[read more]

CRI Partners with Community Groups in Town Hall... | 4/14/2023

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT   CRI Partners with Community Groups in Town Hall Discussions to Prepare for May 9th School Board Elections   As part of a statewide blitz, Caesar Rodney Institute, Citizens for Delaware Schools, No Left Turn in Education, and Moms for Liberty to host &...[read more]

CRI Welcomes New Board Members | 4/13/2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    NEWARK, D.E. – The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) announced the addition of four new board members: Greg Lavelle, Dr. Michelle Parsons, M.D., Chad Kifer and Brandon Brice, MS.   “I’m very excited to have all four boa...[read more]

Delaware Legislators concerned over ‘Electric Car Mandate’ hosts several town h | 3/22/2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   NEWARK, D.E. —Delaware public officials are hosting town hall meetings up and down the state to inform the public about the “new electric car mandate” that will go into effect in 2025. The meetings are from 6:30 PM-8:30 PM, with the next meeting...[read more]

Majority of Delaware Voters will NOT re-elect a Legislator who Supports Banning | 3/3/2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    NEWARK, D.E. – The Caesar Rodney Institute, a Delaware-based public policy research organization, and Ragnar Research, a nationally-recognized public opinion research firm, released a survey with eye-shocking stats. The sta...[read more]

First Annual Report Card on Delaware Governance: CRI Gives out Four F’s | 2/21/2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     NEWARK, D.E. – The Caesar Rodney Institute releases its "First Annual Report Card" on Delaware Governance for 2022. The report card evaluates seven critical segments of Delaware life that show the state is failing in key a...[read more]

Public Interest Groups Demand Federal Regulators Reject the Virginia Offshore Wi | 2/15/2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Dominion Energy hiding critical information concerning the project’s potential to destroy endangered North Atlantic right whale. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement violates federal rules prohibiting human-cause...[read more]

CRI Makes it EASY for Delaware Parents to Choose Which School is Best for their | 1/31/2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   NEWARK, D.E. – Dr. Tanya Hettler, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Education Excellence has produced an easy-to-read report that Delaware parents can now access and use to compare how their ...[read more]

Public Interest Groups File Comments to Protect Endangered Right Whale from Offs | 12/8/2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Noise from turbines will add to ship collisions that already have pushed the North Atlantic right whale to the edge of extinction     NEWARK, D.E. – A coalition of public interest groups – The Heartland Institute, the Committee...[read more]

New Video Released: Visual of Wind Turbines off the Coast of Delaware Beaches | 8/31/2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     NEWARK, D.E.  – The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI), with its Energy Expert David T. Stevenson, has spearheaded the fight against offshore wind turbines since 2017 to protect Delaware Beaches. Today, CRI announces the release of a shocking v...[read more]

Good for California, not suitable for Delaware | 3/10/2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     NEWARK, D.E. - Today, the Caesar Rodney Institute joins 28 other organizations in an open letter responding to states adopting zero emission vehicle (ZEV) rules based on an example from California.   Governor Carne...[read more]

Energy Lawsuit Wastes Taxpayer Money | 9/23/2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 23, 2020   Energy Lawsuit Wastes Taxpayer Money   NEWARK, DE - David Stevenson, Director of the Center for Energy & Environmental Policy at the Caesar Rodney Institute, responds to a lawsuit that is wasting taxpayer m...[read more]

US Senate Refrigerant Bill Not Cool | 9/11/2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 11, 2020   US Senate Refrigerant Bill Not Cool   NEWARK, DE - David Stevenson, Director of the Center for Energy & Environmental Policy at the Caesar Rodney Institute, has responded to the new federal legislation that is being ...[read more]

COVID-19 Lockdowns Impact on Ozone Pollution | 6/18/2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 18, 2020 NEWARK, DE - David Stevenson, Director of the Center for Energy & Environmental Policy at the Caesar Rodney Institute, has released a study revealing how much ozone is manmade and how much is just nature.     "High levels ...[read more]


The Caesar Rodney Institute announces Matt Lenzini as new Board Chair   (Newark, DE) - The Caesar Rodney Institute has announced that the Board has elected Matt Lenzini as their new Board Chair. Matt brings seasoned experience to the organization, including being a contributor to the org...[read more]

Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. of the Heritage Foundation joins CRI Advisory Council | 10/12/2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ANNOUNCING NEW ADVISORY COUNCIL MEMBER   WILMINGTON, DE, October 12, 2018 -- The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) is pleased to announce Edwin J. Feulner Jr., PhD has joined CRI’s Advisory Council. Dr. Feulner is the founder and former president of the Her...[read more]

The Bloom scam | 8/6/2018

Laid lays out the facts about Bloom Energy in the Washington Times.

CRI Will Continue its FOIA Request | 3/3/2015

CRI has joined a Freedom of Information Act request for disclosure of sources of grants given to University of Delaware Professor John Byrne for his work on climate change. Those paying attention to these issues will notice that our request merely followed in the footsteps of a request for similar...[read more]

New Personnel Changes Announcement | 10/21/2014

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Caesar Rodney Institute, I am delighted to announce that Dr. John E. Stapleford has been appointed as President of CRI. As many of you know, in addition to his career as an economist on the faculty at the University of Delaware and with Moody's, John ...[read more]

Delaware's disappearing labor force | 10/14/2014

The Liberty Foundation of Oklahoma ( today released data on the labor force participation rates from 1999 through 2013 for all states. The trends in Delaware are disturbing (see attached).   The participation in the labor force by Delaware residents has been on a lo...[read more]

Lawsuit Against Colin O'Mara and DNREC Can Proceed | 10/3/2014

Georgetown- The changes DNREC proposed under then-Secretary Colin O'Mara, also a named defendant, would substantially increase electric bills in Delaware.   The Judge held that the Plaintiffs, led by the David T. Stevenson, the Caesar Rodney Institute's Policy Director of the C...[read more]

To Drill or Not to Drill? | 9/16/2014

A new study says Delaware can benefit from offshore drilling with minimal environmental impact, WILMINGTON- A new study by Dr. Timothy Considine, Distinguished Professor of Energy Economics, in conjunction with the Interstate Policy Alliance, published on the merits of offshore drilling should ac...[read more]

New Poll Shows 82 Percent of Delawareans Support Right to Work | 8/12/2014

Contact: Samuel Friedman Communications Director (302) 273-0080   Poll Headlines National Employee Freedom Week’s Grassroots Campaign to Educate Union Employees about their Rights   Newark- Eighty-two percent of Delawareans support allowing union emplo...[read more]

March 13, 2013 - SAVE THE DATE | 12/3/2012

The Caesar Rodney Institute will be celebrating its Fifth Anniversary at our Annual Dinner on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at the Wilmington Country Club, Greenville, Delaware.  Please mark your calendar and plan to share this special event with us!  In...[read more]

Luncheon with Dr. Matthew Ladner | 7/20/2012

CRI and the Center for Excellence in Education is pleased to invite you to our first in a series of conversations about improving literacy in Delaware.   Dr. Matthew Ladner, a nationally recognized leader in education renewal, will share his experience with successful programs that have...[read more]

Christopher Casscells, MD to lead Center for Health Care Policy | 7/3/2012

The Caesar Rodney Institute is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Christopher D. Casscells as Director of the Center for Health Care Policy. CRI made filling this position a high priority after realizing the need to explain sound health care policies to the public in the wake of the Affordab...[read more]

Lawsuit Filed against Governor Markell, Public Service Commission | 6/20/2012

DOVER, DE - Cause of Action, a Washington D.C.-based legal advocacy group, has filed suit today in US Federal Court, District of Delaware, against Governor Jack Markell and five members of the Delaware Public Service Commission. The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI), a Delaware-based non-partisan t...[read more]

Battle With Bloom over, War not over yet | 6/14/2012

Yesterday, the Coastal Zone Industrial Control Board voted to uphold Secretary O'Mara's decision to grant Bloom Energy the right to build their Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, called Bloom Boxes, on nine acres of land near the coastal zone.  Bloom Energy says their boxes will be good for the en...[read more]

Who is Ilya Shapiro? | 3/6/2012

Who is Ilya Shapiro? Why Should You Care?             What if someone told you that you have to buy size large seersucker pants?             But maybe you aren’t a large, ma...[read more]

Invitation to CRI's Fourth Annual Dinner | 3/2/2012

Does America have a government of laws or men? Is Obamacare bigger than Roe v. Wade?   March 14, 2012 Wilmington Country Club Reception - 6:15pm, Dinner - 7:00pm Caesar Rodney Institute 4th Anniversary Celebration   “I am willing to debate any one, anytime, anywhere, on the c...[read more]

Delaware's Renewable Energy Mandate Will Damage State Economy | 5/16/2011

With one of the highest renewable energy mandates in the nation, Delaware businesses and residents can expect big losses in economic investment, jobs and income, according to a study released jointly today by American Tradition Institute and the Caesar Rodney Institute. The st...[read more]


The state of Delaware can realize significant savings and improve the accuracy of its prevailing wage data by shifting from using Delaware Department of Labor’s prevailing wage survey data for state construction projects to wage data collected semi-annually by the DDOL under contract to the U....[read more]

Newly elected CRI Board Member, Joseph Oddo | 3/22/2010

The Caesar Rodney Institute is a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to the measured improvement in the quality of life, the degree of individual liberty, and opportunity for personal fulfillment for all Delawareans. Mr. Barrett Kidner, CRI Chairman and CEO, recently elected a n...[read more]

School District Transparency Web site Launched | 10/19/2009 will improve access to information about Delaware’s public schools.   DOVER – The Caesar Rodney Institute today launched,, a user-friendly Web site that allows all Delawareans to know just how the state’s school districts...[read more]

Caesar Rodney Institute Launches Transparency Web Site | 7/7/2009 unveiled in effort to increase accountability in government through a user-friendly, searchable online database of state government spending.   DOVER – In recent years the calls for improving accountability and transparency in Delaware’s state government have in...[read more]

Caesar Rodney Institute Hires Investigative Reporter Lee Williams | 6/24/2009

WILMINGTON -- In keeping with its mandate to bring transparency and accountability to state and local government, the Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) announces that former News Journal investigative reporter Lee Williams has joined CRI as investigative reporter and media director.    &ldqu...[read more]