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(Pictured: Delaware Legislative Hall, Dover, DE)

Delaware's Clean Energy Future

Delaware's Clean Energy Future As long as you are moving the goalposts for percent renewable energy let’s do it right   By Dave Stevenson Center for Energy and Environmental Policy January 11, 2021 (last updated 1/14/2021)   The best way to lower carbon dioxide emissions is to let the free market work. US emissions fell 14.4% from 2005 to 2019 primarily by shifting from higher cost, higher emitting coal to lower cost, lower-emitting nat ...
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The Stimulus Sugar HIGH

The Stimulus Sugar HIGH By Dr. John Stapleford Center for Economic Policy and Analysis December 28, 2020   In response to COVID-19, the Federal government enacted the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program of the CARES Act. This provided an additional $600 Federal stimulus funds automatically to weekly unemployment benefits received between March 29 and July 25, 2020. As expected, Delawareans acted rationally and left the unemployment rolls when the extra $600 a week ceased.   Between July and November of 2020, the Delaware labor force (those adults working or actively looking for work) dropped 6% while the total Delawareans...[read more]

Delaware Economic Update 2020 Q3: Economy coming back but slowly

Delaware Economic Update 2020 Q3 Economy coming back but slowly   By Dr. John Stapleford Date: 12/9/2020   OUTLOOK According to the forecasters’ survey of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve, Delaware's RGP will grow 19.1% in 2020 Q3 and 5.8% in 2020 Q4, for a 2020 average of -5.2%. The year 2021 is expected to register an average growth rate of around 3.5%. Having weathered the downsizing of its chemical industry, Delaware's RGP is expected to track with the nation, but with more volatile swings.   Slow growth in total wages will result in continued slow growth in Delaware's personal income, and Delaware&#...[read more]

Can DE's beach economy take another hit after COVID?

By David T. Stevenson October 22, 2020   Delaware’s beach economy is reeling from the impact of government-imposed lockdowns to flatten the curve of new infections and hospitalizations from COVID-19. The Rehoboth/Dewey Chamber of Commerce estimated in July, resort area hotel revenue was down 35% to 50%, and restaurants were down 75%. Just 76 respondents of the 1,200 members surveyed by the Chamber estimated a revenue loss of over $200 million.    At $3 billion a year, beach tourism is Delaware’s largest industry. Research suggests beach tourism could see that kind of economic loss permanently if giant wind turbines ar...[read more]

Energy Lawsuit Wastes Taxpayer Money

By David T. Stevenson September 23, 2020   Delaware's Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against conventional energy companies, including Exxon Mobil, claiming they fraudulently covered up their contribution to manmade global warming. The suit is likely to meet the same fate as a similar lawsuit in New York that simply wasted taxpayer money. The New York Times reported the state Supreme Court judge dismissed the case calling the state's case "hyperbolic" after 4 years of investigation of millions of pages of documents.   In introducing the Delaware case, Attorney General Kat...[read more]

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