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DATA DELAWARE (7/15/2019): Higher gas prices in Delaware?

Per the attached white-paper from State Rep. Rich Collins, "Delaware officials announced the state was joining the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) - a coalition of nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to design a new regional low carbon transportation policy." This green dream effort could add $0.25/gallon for Delaware motorist, says CRI energy expert Dave Stevenson. For the full "Under-the-Radar Initiative Could Result in Higher Gasoline Prices" report CLICK BELOW...

Higher Gasoline Prices report

DATA DELAWARE (7/8/2019): Budget truths REVEALED, secrets told

With second-to-none insights, former legislator Greg Lavelle shines bright sunlight on each of the sensitive Budget issues. Hang 'Em High Greg takes no prisoners! Want to know the real reason why $15 minimum wage didn't pass? Did the Budget have the Governor-promised 3.8% increase, ?or did it swell (collectively) by almost six percent? And why all the cloak and dagger secrecy over the "epilogue" items? For a recap that resembles a scalping...

Interview with Greg Lavelle-PART I (10 min. podcast)

Transcript- PART I

Interview with Greg Lavelle-PART II (10 min. podcast)

Transcript-PART II

DATA DELAWARE (7/2/2019): Delaware’s sexual harassment law!

Delaware-based attorney Katherine Witherspoon Fry, in the Wilmington office of Offit Kurman, practices discrimination/employment/education law. In the attached interview, local businesses better understand the relatively ?new Delaware sexual harassment legislation. On the national stage, the discrimination vs. diversity slugfest continues. And on the global stage, the US Women's Soccer team's discrimination lawsuit against their employer continues to escalate. For fascinating insights into these red hot issues...

Interview with Katherine Witherspoon Fry- PART I (10 min. podcast)

Transcript- PART I

Interview with Katherine Witherspoon Fry- PART II (10 min. podcast)

Transcript-PART II

DATA DELAWARE (7/1/2019): Unethical Delaware, says Copeland

CRI Board member Charlie Copeland is on fire in the attached interview... State Senator Darius Brown, who (allegedly) owed something like $60,000 in back taxes, (apparently) failed to disclose that tidbit. That's a felony, says former legislator Copeland. And he adds, "the (Delaware) Public integrity Commission shrugged their shoulders." That was a jaw-dropper, but Charlie goes beast mode on State Senator Harris McDowell! ?Of note, how does State Senator McDowell - who is a self-employed energy consultant - regularly introduce, and lobby for, energy legislation? Unfortunately, these painful topics and questions have a logical answer, says Copeland: The Center for Public Integrity/State Integrity Investigation report ranks Delaware 48th and gives the First State a Total Grade of "F". For all of Charlie Copeland's scathing comments...

Interview with Charlie Copeland PART I (10 min. podcast)

Transcript-PART I

Interview with Charlie Copeland PART II (10 min. podcast)

Transcript-PART II

Last minute Dover shenanigans – RAISE YOUR VOICE

DATA DELAWARE (6/28/2019): With only hours left in the current political session, State Senator Harris McDowell has introduced a bill that will dramatically INCREASE electric rates for many Delawareans, says Dave Stevenson CRI's energy expert. Newark Council member James Horning writes, "For the sake of good government, I'm asking for your opposition to (the renewable portfolio standards bill) that Sen. McDowell intends to release today." Bottom line: The bill will raise the Renewable Portfolio Standard mandate. To make Senator McDowell aware of your opinion regarding Senate Bill Resolution No.10: 302-744-4147 302-577-8744 To also make the Co-Sponsors aware email: Sen Hansen, Sokola, Townsend, and Rep Heffernan..., David.Sokola@delaware.gove,, and In the wisdom of CRI Chair Dr John Stapleford, "Another bad government power grab." For Dave Stevenson's talking-points recap CLICK BELOW... For Dave Stevenson's May write-up CLICK BELOW...

Document 1: RPS Bill Talking Points (pdf)

Dave's May write-up

DATA DELAWARE (6/27/2019): The EPA finalized repeal of the illegal Obama era...

Dave Stevenson is CRI's energy guru, and he was the lead contributor on the attached coalition letter of the SPN (State Policy Network) Energy & Environmental Working Group. According to Dave Stevenson, "The EPA has finalized repeal of the illegal Obama era Clean Power Plan that was designed to force states to adopt RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) like carbon dioxide emission taxes, and to force closure of coal-fired power plants, with the Affordable Clean Energy Rule (ACE)." For even more of the recap CLICK BELOW...

ACE Statement

DATA DELAWARE (6/26/2019): "a grim picture for New Castle County"

"The New Castle County Doldrums" - which is attached and written by CRI Chair Dr. John Stapleford - "paints a grim picture for New Castle County". Applying work from The Delaware Population Consortium, "total employment in NCC will be flat for the next ten years." And the bad actually gets worse! For a data-based primer on the "demographic cliff", along with the implications for our local economy - especially housing CLICK BELOW...

ncc FLAT (pdf)

DATA DELAWARE (6/24/2019): FLAT revenues projected!

The economic numbers out of Delaware have been more than unkind. And all that bad news may finally be coming home to roost, as last Wednesday DEFAC projected flat-ish revenues going forward. So says Bob Byrd, who is a former Chair and current member of the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council. Byrdie, the ultimate Delaware Democratic insider, also thinks the current Budget process, which climaxes next week, may have some upcoming disagreements and sparks over the topic of money. (In the attached interview it sounds like Dover is about to have a food fight over spending.) Big time lobbyist Bobby then adds - for now - the most recent controversies, of guns, marijuana, and $15 minimum wage have been pushed to the sidelines. "They (Dover) just don't want to deal with them." We end with some brutally ugly First State's stats ?that the elected continue to ignore and ignore. For a bare knuckle preview of politics in Delaware listen below...

Interview with Bob Byrd PART I (10 min. podcast)

Podcast Transcript Part 1 (pdf)

Interview with Bob Byrd PART II (10 min. podcast)

Podcast Transcript Part 2 (pdf)

DATA DELAWARE (6/18/2019): The State of Delaware’s pension

State of Delaware employees and retirees - and taxpayers too -- might want to ask for an explanation.... Per an April DATA DELAWARE, Delaware has a healthcare liability that is only 5% funded. Sooo, what does the pension look like? According to CRI Chair Dr. John Stapleford, "Since 2009, the unfunded liability for the State employees' pension fund has increased 1400% (from $83 million to $1.5 billion). The fund has gone from 103% funded to 86% funded. Over the same time period, the market value of the pension fund assets has risen just 68% (from $6.9 billion to $7.4 billion)." ?Not good, say the numbers. For John's full recap of the troubling data and story CLICK BELOW... (source: "Boomershine Consulting, BCG Retirement News Roundup. April 2019 Volume 8, Issue 4")

DE Pension

DATA DELAWARE (6/18/2019): Biden Recycles Failed Energy Policy

To the political left, climate change is a key issue. To receive your proverbial Progressive Card, you gotta be extreme and loud. For the most part, Delaware's Joe Biden used to be neither. Then he ran for President and the party dictated his platform. In the wisdom of the Wizard of Oz, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" Despite its track record of failure, Candidate Biden now wants a redo, an even more aggressive push, of the Obama effort. Noise aside, it's all about a carbon tax. It's ALL about a carbon tax. Unfortunately, for the Al Gore Kool-Aid drinkers, a carbon tax is political unemployment. Soooo how do you try and sell the green dream - and make sure to avoid, at all cost, the term carbon tax? For that answer read Biden's "Clean Energy Revolution." For the CRI Director of Energy Competitiveness Dave Stevenson's response CLICK HERE BELOW...

Biden Recycles Failed Energy Policy (pdf doc.)

Podcast: CLICK HERE. (10 mins. No transcription needed if you read the pdf doc.)

DATA DELAWARE (6/17/2019): Senate Bill 105, understanding $15 minimum wage

Progressives have been accused of a belief in Santa Claus, that math and/or facts don't matter. With magic (apparently) embraced, the Delaware Senate Finance Committee is reviewing Senate Bill 105, which would move the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Like virtually everything in life, there's action and most times a reaction. To appreciate the price tag of a $15 minimum wage, CRI Chair Dr. John Stapleford examines the data and tells the story. To understand the $15 minimum wage discussion - without the political pandering - CLICK BELOW...

DE minimum wage

DATA DELAWARE (6/12/2019): Maybe it's time you check the facts!

Yesterday's Data Delaware generated a response from the Chairman of Delaware's House Education Committee, Earl Jaques. His email ended with, "Maybe it's time you check the facts!"......So we accepted the suggestion from the member of the Delaware House of Representatives, District 27.....According to the Delaware General Assembly Bill Details, Original Synopsis, "This bill creates a mechanism by which school boards may increase funds for a school district with or without a referendum. This bill also provides how certain school boards may levy real estate taxes." Maybe some in Delaware object to having their right to vote - especially for a tax increase - taken away from them......State of Delaware education icon Ron Russo - who oversees the Caesar Rodney Institute's education efforts -- had a write-up in both the mid-May Data Delaware ("DD") and again in Tuesday's June 11th DD. In part it reads, "Well, NAEP reports that from 1999 to 2017 our 8th graders progress has been flat with 2/3 functionally illiterate in math and reading." Maybe some in Delaware see that data as unacceptable, even tragic. Hopefully three's the charm and we'll get everyone in Dover to read the full (and blistering) Earl Jaques Response report! To do it, CLICK BELOW...

Earl Jacques Response (pdf)


In the wisdom of Gomer Pyle, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" Beat-down House Bill 129 (HB 129) - bringing taxpayers a property tax without a vote -- has been (stealthily) resurrected. HB 129 is now on the House Education Committee Agenda for tomorrow, (Wednesday.) Data Delaware - featuring former legislator Greg Lavelle -- warned in mid-May. For that refresher CLICK BELOW. Dover is apparently undaunted, as here it comes again . SOOOO call your legislator - and call the bill sponsors.

Mid-May Data Delaware

HB 129 Sponsors' contact info

DATA DELAWARE (6/10/2019): An opportunity for Delaware, says the guru!!!

Delaware's unique "incorporation franchise" is vital, collectively representing roughly 60% of the State's annual Budget. Corporate governance icon Charles Elson also says he sees a way to suddenly grow that revenue! Because of time zones, the UK was generally regarded as the center of the financial world. However, political turmoil is in the process of destroying that empire. ?According to University of Delaware Professor Elson - who just spent the last six weeks lecturing there - with Merrie Olde England (aggressively) preoccupied with climate change, many of the energy companies, which had moved their global headquarters there, would now be well served to escape. Delaware could be the natural landing spot. Additionally, The 40 Trillion Dollar Man shares the highlights to a September event that will once again make his Weinberg Center the global focus. For wonderful insights - along with a call to action -- listen below...

Interview with Charles Elson PART I (10 min. podcast)

Podcast Transcript Part 1 (pdf)

Interview with Charles Elson PART II (10 min. podcast)

Podcast Transcript Part 2 (pdf)

DATA DELAWARE (6/5/2019): Delaware’s unique opportunity

CRI Board member Charlie Copeland has an elite resume - and a very different perspective on the (probable) upcoming Delaware court decision focusing on public education reform and a statewide property tax, that may follow. The (alleged) unequal funding for public school students may force a Delaware court to order a redo of our education structure. BUT what if, says Charlie, the court says $1.5 billion (all-in) annually is already enough Delaware taxpayer money AND with (roughly) 80% of the minority kids struggling, maybe we shouldn't double-down on more failure. Reworded, INSTEAD of accepting and rewarding an existing broken system with even more money, let's embrace a model that has a track record of success. ?For instance, CRI's the BOLD Plan! For Charlie Copeland's call to action listen below...

Interview with Charlie Copeland PART I (10 min. podcast)

Podcast Transcript (pdf)

Interview with Charlie Copeland PART II (10 min. podcast)

DATA DELAWARE (6/4/2019): Delaware’s healthcare crisis...

RE: Delaware's healthcare crisis, at least one (apparent) answer. Per the attached report, "Delaware ranks 3rd per capita in health care spending among the states." And, "runaway healthcare spending (in Delaware) is breaking the state government's budget." State spending on Medicaid is $770M, the largest single item in the state's budget, it's now crowding out other State functions (like education). Most times in history crisis brings change. The elimination of Delaware's Certificate of Need ("CON") laws seems logical, even overdue. By coincidence, the Mercatus Center for George Mason University compared states with CON laws to non-CON law states. Their research says an increase in supply-side competition (dropping CON barriers to entry) in the Delaware healthcare industry would reduce prices, increase access, and have no negative effect on the quality of care. Big money power-politics aside, the data suggests at least one healthcare solution is waiting for action from Dover CLICK HERE.

Healthcare CON (pdf doc.)

DATA DELAWARE (6/3/2019): The News Journal

Mega compliments to Data Delaware (DD), clearly, we're moving the proverbial needle! By coincidence, after a failed takeover attempt of The News Journal's parent company, Gannett is reorganizing. A community publication is the future business-model. Despite being wildly progressive, they need to expand and broaden their readership. Necessity can make for odd bedfellows. So, The News Journal reached-out and the Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) has agreed to periodically work with the First State's only statewide newspaper. They get second to none content, while we get an additional-mostly new to us-audience. Its good business - by them and us... BTW, Data Delaware will continue uninterrupted, forever growing, increasingly more and more recognized! Keep forwarding DD... Yesterday, The News Journal OPINION pages featured a piece from CRI Chair John Stapleford. The numbers continue to suggest Delaware is dying - and Dover is killing it. For the painful story and irrefutable data CLICK BELOW...

Letter to the Editor (pdf doc.)

DATA DELAWARE (5/28/2019): Diversity vs. Discrimination

Arguably the hottest (and most fascinating) domestic issue: Diversity vs. Discrimination! Diversity is a stated goal written into the law. ?For instance, affirmative action. At the same time, anti-discrimination measures are also written into the law, protecting age, gender, race, and religion. So how do college admissions balance these - at times -- competing interests? Recent legal action, has seemingly moved higher education away from race-focused quotas to a newly revealed "adversity index". Unfortunately, a carve-out is still a preference. And despite an environment where many see themselves as entitled and/or a victim, whatever happened to plain ole MERIT? Delaware-based attorney Katherine Witherspoon Fry primarily practices employment/education/discrimination law at the Wilmington office of Offit and Kurman. ? For her very worthy insights LISTEN below...

Interview with Katherine Witherspoon Fry (10 min. podcast)

DATA DELAWARE (5/27/2019): “Byrd of Legislative Hall”

"The most influential lobbyist in the First State", says U.S. Senator Chris Coons, has written a book. Bob Byrd, the ultimate Delaware Democratic insider, delivers an extra large 250 pages of political story after political story. Politics is as simple as counting your votes, according to "Byrd of Legislative Hall!" It's a fun read. In the interview, new author Byrdie shares "why now", along with some of ?his favorite highlights to five decades of "wheeling and dealing!" To purchase the book, visit: The Byrd Group LLC or copy link:

Part I: Interview with Robert Byrd (10 min. podcast)

Part II: Interview with Robert Byrd (10 min. podcast)

DATA DELAWARE (5/21/2019): What SHOULD Delaware be doing….

ALEC just released its "State Tax Cut Roundup: 2018 Legislative Session." Since the states compete against each other, this work reveals the recipe for success to a prosperous economy. Per yesterday's Data Delaware, the numbers say no-growth Delaware is a sad, stagnant economic mess. The American Legislative Exchange Council's (ALEC) report tells the story of 16 states doing the right thing and not drowning. Of note, Socialist Bernie Sander's home state,Vermont, cut taxes. Michigan went from dump to darling. Maryland cut taxes. As the song suggests, "Fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you." For the very worthy read AND to hear ALEC's Economist explain the data and share his insights CLICK BELOW LINKS...

Part I: Interview with Jonathan Williams (10 min. podcast)

Part II: Interview with Jonathan Williams (10 min. podcast)

2018 ALEC's State Tax Cut Roundup Report

DATA DELAWARE (5/20/2019): Governor Carney versus the data!!!

In last week's WHYY-TV interview linked below, Governor Carney starts immediately by saying, "the primary objective for the Governor and legislators is to create conditions where we can have a strong and growing economy...and we do." Unfortunately, his shtick doesn't seem to jive with the numbers! As CRI Chair Dr. John Stapleford points out, Delaware's Department of Labor - per the State of Delaware website - projects two year employment growth of 0.2% and 0.6% growth on a ten year basis. For reference, the national economy is currently growing at a crisp three-ish percent. And the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis recently released its Gross State Product (GSP) figures by state for the fourth quarter of 2018. Per the map below, for that time period the U.S. growth rate exceeded two percent, while Delaware was statistically flat - and battling for the bottom ranking. Governor Carney vs. the data, you decide...

WHYY News Special: A Delaware Town Hall

DATA DELAWARE (5/17/2019): an idea to address Delaware’s runaway healthcare cost

Delaware's healthcare costs are ugly. For instance, "Delaware has the third highest per capita healthcare expenditures among all the states and ranks 30th in healthcare outcomes." writes CRI Chair Dr. John Stapleford. In the attached white-paper the data suggests Delaware follow the current trend among states and eliminate our Certificate of Need laws, which protect existing healthcare practices from competition. For those worthy "CON" insights and ugly numbers CLICK below...

Healthcare CON (pdf doc.)

DATA DELAWARE (4/29/2019): Jobs and Opportunity Index ranks Delaware 50th!!!

The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity publishes a Jobs and Opportunity Index (JOI) for all the states monthly. As of March, of this year, Delaware ranks 50th among the states. Delaware has ranked 50th on the JOI for the past six months. For, CRI Chair, Dr. John Stapleford's full report CLICK PDF below...

Job Opportunity Index Report


Frustrated by taxpayers' refusal to pass Christina School District's referendum, Dover lawmakers have proposed HB 129. Voters be damned, this legislation would, "increase funds for a school district...without a referendum." Chairman of Delaware's House Education Committee Earl Jaques' bill "also provides how certain school boards may levy real estate taxes." In a sound-bite: spend and spend - and install a new system (that IGNORES and CIRCUMVENTS taxpayers) and guarantees the funds to spend, spend and spend! Damn the voters, SPEND! For former legislator Greg Lavelle's response and insights click below for interview. Once again, CRI Executive Director, Ron Russo points out the crisis in Delaware's public schools is NOT money. After all, Delaware is one of the top spending states, while 2/3rds of our 8th graders are "functionally illiterate". Instead, overhaul the broken business model! Shifting "power to the local professionals makes sense," suggests Delaware's most iconic educator. For Ron Russo's thoughts click below for pdf.

Interview with Greg Lavelle (10 mins. podcast)

Earl Jacques Response

DATA DELAWARE (5/10/2019): No growth Delaware, battles for the bottom!

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis has released its Gross State Product (GSP) figures by state for the fourth quarter of 2018. With the national economy continuing to hum along - currently at about three percent - Delaware's growth is, instead, flat-ish. Governor John Carney has reduced to writing THE most important part of his job is the economy. Therefore, using his own criteria, his performance is a dreadful failure. Why? According to CRI Chair, Dr. John Stapleford, "Delaware's economy is currently in a holding pattern caused by a culmination of tax increases, mediocre public schools, and high electric prices driven by carbon taxes and the gift of a half billion dollars to Bloom Energy." For the full report about our reach for the last place ranking CLICK BELOW...

Output Flat (pdf doc.)

DATA DELAWARE (5/9/2019): Fleeing New Castle County

"Between 2015-2016 net out-migration from New Castle County (NCC) reduced the County's total personal income by more than $177 million", says CRI Chair Dr John Stapleford. Sooo where did the statistically more affluent go? Sussex County was a big winner, but the numbers also suggest Chester County Pennsylvania (like many of the Pennsylvania counties that border Delaware) also benefited greatly. Why the ugly NCC decline? For the "Money Walks - A Tale of Two Counties" report CLICK pdf doc. below...

Money Walks (pdf doc.)

DATA DELAWARE (5/7/2019): State workers healthcare, the shocking numbers...

State workers healthcare, the shocking numbers - and trends! With data from its recent audit, CRI Chair Dr. John Stapleford takes a look at Delaware's post-retirement health plan. The results are "ugly". For instance, "a 2018 unfunded healthcare liability of $7.5 billion, projected to reach $18.0 billion by the end of 20 years." Reworded, "Delaware has a healthcare liability that is only 5% funded." Furthermore - generally speaking - pensions are guaranteed, while healthcare is not. Therefore, the math suggests a massive tax hike or significant cuts are inevitable. By coincidence, last week's Wall Street Journal story points out six states have already taken steps to trim - some aggressively. For a brutal and unforgiving recap of Delaware's looming crisis CLICK ON PDF DOC BELOW.

Retiree Healthcare (pdf doc.)

DATA DELAWARE (5/6/2019): From 10th to 38th

The Fraser Institute does an Economic Freedom Index annually. Ultimately measuring economic development and growth, it's "considered one of the most influential reports published by any think tank", says CRI Chair Dr. John Stapleford. Delaware has moved from a ranking of 10th (in 2002) to 38th (2016 is the latest data). Taxes and government spending are cited as leading causes in the "plunge". For a recap of what the job-creating business-world is talking about CLICK on pdf doc. below. A more detailed explanation is offered in the following interview CLICK to listen below.

Economic Freedom Retreats in Delaware (pdf doc.)

Interview with Dr. John Stapleford (10 min. podcast)

DATA DELAWARE (4/29/2019): Slow or slower?

Governor Carney has said the economy is THE most important part of his job. Assuming that remains true, he needs to push the PANIC BUTTON. At best, Delaware is growing significantly below (as a percentage) the national average. Furthermore, "there seems to be a disconnect between the employment projections of the Delaware Department of Labor (DOL) and Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC)," writes CRI Chairman Dr. John Stapleford. For a written recap of those conflicting signals click on pdf doc. below... For a more detailed explanation is offered in this interview click below (10 min. podcast)

Recap of conflicting signals (pdf doc.)

Interview with Dr. John Stapleford (10 min. podcast)

4/24/2019: 10th in spending, and 12th in taxing

Welcome to Delaware! We're the 10th highest spending state and the 12th highest taxing state, points-out CRI Board member Charlie Copeland. That look-back is the good news. In this current session Progressives on Steroids (Dover) have pushed a very anti-business agenda. History teaches us money always goes where it is treated the best - always has and always will. Therefore it's hard to envision an anti-job creation platform attracting capital. For a painful recap of last week's legislation -- and a very worthy statewide property tax discussion too...listen below.

Interview with Charlie Copeland PART I (10 min. podcast)

Interview with Charlie Copeland PART II (10 min. podcast)

4/23/2019: Delaware is a lowly 36th, and looking lower

Business very much follows Rich States, Poor States. The 12th edition was just released. Once again, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has Delaware ranked a not-good 36th. More importantly, the publication follows a calendar year. Sooo, as Dover embraces more spend-crazy and worker-unfriendly policies, it becomes conceivable the First State could be battling for last place next year. If true, another heavy nail for a mostly stagnant state. Instead, what SHOULD Delaware be doing? Listen below...

Interview with ALEC PART I (10 min. podcast)

Interview with the ALEC PART II (10 min. podcast)

4/22/2019: Show Me the Money!

Last Monday, we featured former legislator Greg Lavelle asking about the impact of Senate Bill 62, which proposes an annual cost of living (COLA) increase to qualified State pensioners. Careful what you wish for! The General Fund cost is estimated at almost $25 million for fiscal year 2020, nearly $50 million in 2021, $74-plus million in 2022 and they keep climbing and climbing. Now the bad-news. CRI Chair says these numbers - in his opinion - are "likely understated". For a data-driven review of SB 62 click on pdf doc below...

Data-driven review of SB 62 (pdf doc.)


Senate Bill 8 is being fast-tracked. SB 8 is scheduled to be voted on today! State employees need to have their voices heard! More than a month ago former legislator Greg Lavelle warned of Senate Bill 8. Still, it passed and is now assigned to the (Delaware) House Labor Committee. The National Right to Work Committee has taken an interest. The highlights to their attached letter include: "By making compensation a subject of collective bargaining, this legislation strips individual state employees of the fundamental right to negotiate for themselves.... (SB 8) coerces workers into paying union dues.... This bill is an assault, not just on state workers but on the taxpayers of Delaware as well." For the full read AND free legal advice CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


4/18/2019: Affirmative action is a headline AGAIN!

Race is very much an issue in America. "Civil-rights officials at the U.S. Education Department are requiring the Texas Tech University Health Science Center medical school to cease factoring race into admission," says a Wall Street Journal front page story of last week. In the attached interview, prominent Delaware discrimination/employment/education attorney, Katherine Witherspoon Fry of Offit Kurman, returns to explain the Trump Administration's ongoing effort to question affirmative action CLICK ON LINK BELOW...



More than a month ago former legislator Greg Lavelle warned of Senate Bill 8. Still, it passed and is now assigned to the (Delaware) House Labor Committee. The National Right to Work Committee has taken an interest. The highlights to their attached letter include: "By making compensation a subject of collective bargaining, this legislation strips individual state employees of the fundamental right to negotiate for themselves.... (SB 8) coerces workers into paying union dues.... This bill is an assault, not just on state workers but on the taxpayers of Delaware as well." For the full read and for free legal advice CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


4/15/2019: Spending Gone Wild continues…

Dover wants to amend Title 29. Dover is proposing a cost of living (COLA) adjustment to qualified state (Delaware) pensioners. The millions and millions in new spending brings common sense questions from former legislator Greg Lavelle. What is the all-in cost? Is the pension fund impacted in any way? How is it going to be funded? To state the obvious, our Blue State lawmakers seem to be saying costs do not matter and taxpayers will blindly pony-up. CRI Chairman John Stapleford and Greg Lavelle ?tell this week's spend and spend and spend story CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


4/12/2019: A data-driven look at gun control

Gun control is suddenly a headline in Delaware. Rumor has Progressives championing upwards of a half dozen new pieces of legislation! Just last week, we featured State Senator Dave Lawson's highlight of HB 63: "the severity of the offense against the gun owner is ultimately determined by the actions of the person that took the firearm." Today, CRI Advisory Council member Matt Lenzini responds to the gun debate with a data-driven report. For the very worthy read CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


4/9/2019: The Democratic Party’s fiscal policy EXPOSED

The Democratic Party's fiscal policy proposals now have a face. It turns out to be a Stony Brook University Professor who champions "modern monetary theory." According to "MMT," deficits don't matter - so spending can be endless - because the government can simply print more and more money! MOST importantly, "MMT" believes the political-class is smarter and more efficient than the marketplace. "MMT" fans include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders. To hear Delawarean Robert Fry Jr, who is an award winning economist, explain this newly created fiscal socialism, CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO LISTEN...


4/8/2019: Dual-class stock makes Delaware a national headline

Delaware's economy is very heavily dependent on our "incorporation franchise". Therefore, we have to remain the beacon of corporate governance for Corporate America! Dual-class stock - which is suddenly under attack - has Delaware centerstage. Both regulators and the exchanges are blocked. Therefore, investors are now calling on the Incorporation Capital, which is Delaware, to initiate legislation demanding one share, one vote. University of Delaware Professor Charles Elson, who is in the middle of the firestorm, explains. CLICK LINK BELOW TO LISTEN...


4/4/2019: Sunlight on the University of Delaware

The local elections in Newark coming up next week have, in large part, focused on the University of Delaware. Newark resident and CRI Chair, Dr. John Stapleford, used this as a reason to take a data-driven look at the University of Delaware (UD). BTW, Dr. Stapleford received his Ph.D. from the University of Delaware and he ran the UD's Bureau of Economic Research. John's white-paper suggests our state college has overhauled its business model. For the prickly numbers and uncomfortable story CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


4/3/2019: Play ball, but in a low tax state

As with most things in life, follow the money. The Delaware Valley is electric with baseball. After an exciting off-season of collecting talent, Bryce Harper's signing with the Phillies was the proverbial cherry on top. But a recent Los Angeles Times story says the Giants, and especially the Dodgers -- with magnificent weather -- offered similar 300 million dollar-like deals to the mega star. So why did he choose the Philadelphia Phillies? According to sports writer George Skelton, the California-based teams couldn't overcome the burden of California's top state income tax rate of 13.3%, compared with Pennsylvania's low flat rate of 3.07%. Reworded, Mr. Harper's agent, Scot Boras said the tax savings from signing with the Phillies - rather than a California team - "could be almost a full year's compensation." For the full story, "Bryce Harper will save tens of millions in taxes by spurning the Dodgers and Giants" CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


4/2/2019: The truth will set you free…

Democratic insider Bob Byrd appeared last week. Byrdie attempted to justify Delaware's (apparent) out of whack spending. Today, in response, CRI Board member Charlie Copeland says, "Bob's answer was just silly and an obfuscation." So, is it true booming Florida spends only $3,000 for every citizen, while mostly stagnant Delaware spends roughly $10,000 for every citizen? The former legislator also pummels the Governor's proposed smoothing and he tackles reassessment too. For the truth and nothing but the truth CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO LISTEN...


4/1/2019: Government Gone Wild, HB 63

Welcome to PROGRESSIVE DELAWARE, increasingly "The Land of Make Believe". House Bill 63 passed last week. The State Senate is next. In the interview below, State Senator Dave Lawson explains if you legally owned a gun that is stolen - and then it's used in a crime - YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. (Or you could be held responsible.) Reworded, the severity of the offense against the gun owner is ultimately determined by the actions of the person that took the firearm! The former law enforcement officer also says, ?"Dover probably has six more anti-gun pieces of legislation to follow". Before you end up in jail AND if you OPPOSE HB 63, State Senator Lawson suggests you CALL and EMAIL the following legislators and let them know your opinion! PLEASE CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


3/31/2019: Delaware’s new (demanding on business) HR laws explained...

Delaware's new (demanding on business) HR laws explained - and a high profile discrimination case too! She's back! After last week's big response, discrimination attorney Katherine Witherspoon Fry of Offit/Kurman, P.A. returns and takes a more in depth look at Delaware's new sexual harassment law and the new drugs in the workplace legislation. ALSO, with global fanfare, the Women's World Cup is about to happen. The U.S. Women's wildly successful team is the defending champ. By comparison, the men's team is bad. Real bad. But the women players - allegedly - receive only a fraction of the compensation awarded to the men. To find out more about the women's lawsuit CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


3/25/19: A very contentious next couple of months

A budget battle brews! Long-time Democratic insider Bob Byrd oversees a powerful lobbying firm, along with being a current member and a past Chair of DEFAC (Delaware's independent advisory council). Despite the Governor's attempt at some financial common sense, fifteen new Blue State legislators have now been added to Dover's spend and spend mentality - and then the pump got primed even more with new found projected money. Sooo what's about to happen in Dover? Byrdie sees a "very contentious next couple of months." For the gory prediction CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


3/24/2019: Affirmative action is on trial

Delaware has a new sexual harassment law and a new drugs-and-the-workplace law too. But the national headline of the week was the college admission scandal featuring privilege and money. Noise aside, the even bigger "college" story is the Harvard/UNC proceeding challenging affirmative action. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, "the average SAT score for admitted Asian or Asian-American students was 1431, compared with 1360 for white applicants and 1229 for African Americans." "For insights from Delaware discrimination attorney, Katherine Witherspoon Fry of Offit Kurman, P.A., who explains the fascinating legal proceedings CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


3/22/2019: Delaware ranks 35th in education

The Blue State blues continue. "The results showed that union strength has a substantial and statistically negative relationship with student achievement." The attached white-page co-written by CRI senior executives Ron Russo and John Stapleford also says, "Delaware ranks 35th among the states using these demographically adjusted NAEP test scores." For the sad, sad Delaware education story CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


3/19/2019: Raw insights on statewide property taxes – and Delaware’s pension ra

A statewide property tax certainly appears on Dover's Wish List. However , ALEC's Chief Economist points out, "Many local governments have shrewdly avoided taking votes on property tax rate increases, instead , relying on increased property assessments to drive property tax revenue higher." Reworded , have lawmakers position themselves as victims in a rigged game that generates tax increases automatically - and all without a voter referendum ! ALSO, Johnathan Williams of the American Legislative Exchange Council is in the process of releasing their pension rankings of the states. To learn the details, buckle your seatbelt and CLICK ON LINK BELOW to listen...


3/18/2019: Front-running DEFAC

The Delaware Economic & Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) is meeting later today. In the interview below, CRI's Chair puts sunlight to a number of those key DEFAC assumptions. Furthermore, Dr. John Stapleford suggests limited growth and a high percentage of lower paying new jobs is a combo that will not allow Delaware to grow itself out of its financial pickle. For those second-to-none insights that taxpayers probably want to be aware of as the numbers are assembled for the upcoming Budget CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


3/17/2019: Dr. Casscells’ healthcare talk is Monday-a week!

Dr. Christopher Casscells presents "The Effects of Obamacare in the REAL WORLD". Monday, March 25th from 5:30-7:30 P.M. at Kid Shelleen's, in Wilmington, DE. Dr. Casscells - who also oversees CRI's healthcare efforts - shares his many decades of insights (he's been clairvoyant) and promotes his upcoming appearance in this insightful interview CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


3/12/2019: CRI responds to hospital transparency

President Trump made headlines last week suggesting hospital rates should be transparent. By coincidence, CRI Board member Stacie Beck made that recommendation months ago in a January edition of Data Delaware! If you recall, the State of Delaware spends something around a billion dollars a year on healthcare. Plus those costs are growing at (an estimated) 7% annually. It's the biggest item in the Budget. Clearly the situation is unsustainable..... Stacie Beck is a University of Delaware Associate Professor of Economics. To read her response to the President's comments, and to review her original healthcare position paper, CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


3/11/2019: Delaware's statewide property tax update

Senate Bill 50, the Del Tech carve-out, is dead. State Senator Colin Bonini provided the leadership in defeating it! Today, the State Senator from the 16th District, makes his first of a two part visit addressing the looming court case that might bring property reassessment and a statewide property tax to Delaware. In this interview, Colin begins to explain how he might be able to front-run that decision and avert the tax tsunami he sees coming. For his interview and for the "CRI's Property Tax Reassessment Policy" position CLICK ON LINKS BELOW...



3/8/2019: Delaware ranks 5th!

The prestigious Tax Foundation just released its study on "How much Does Your State Collect in Corporate Income Taxes Per Capita?". The highlights - which are below -- include, Delaware ranking 5th in the HIGHEST corporate income tax collections per capita. Along with, "Delaware, among the states with also the highest corporate income tax collections per capita, has both a corporate income tax and a gross receipts tax." CLICK ON LINK BELOW to read more...


2/25/2019: Who PAYS Delaware’s TAXES?

The media has been fixated on the self-proclaimed Justice Democrats, especially their aggressive tax policy proposals. Soooo, in Delaware, who actually pays the billions in taxes? Corporate America, Delaware's unique incorporation franchise, makes up nearly a third of the state's annual revenue. Also, of note, only 6% of the First State households earned $200,000 or more, but they paid nearly half of the personal income tax. CRI Board member - and former legislator - Charlie Copeland shares his insights, and the data, on taxes in Delaware in this interview CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


2/19/2019: CRI exposes Senate Bill 50!

Proposed Senate Bill 50 establishes both a Delaware property tax and also a platform for Dover to unleash an endless parade of expenditures identical in structure - all without a public referendum. Taxpayers beware, voters be damned. The major think-tanks that rate state governments have warned SB 50 is bad policy, bad government . So has the Caesar Rodney Institute. For CRI's Policy Director ?Dave Stevenson's scathing white-paper and for CRI Chair John Stapleford's "fleecing" analysis CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


2/18/2019: SB 8, Dover Goes Wild -- Again!

Proposed Senate Bill 8, "makes compensation a mandatory subject of bargaining". According to former legislator Greg Lavelle, Delaware's public sector UNIONS now want MANDATORY collective bargaining on WAGES! Reworded , Dover is considering yet another mandatory expense for the Budget and taxpayers. For Greg's painful one-pager of SB 8 & his analysis of SB 8, along with his thoughts on the Governor CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


2/12/2019: Delaware ranks a precarious 36th

ALEC's widely followed Rich States, Poor States publication was just released. According to the American Legislative Exchange Council's Chief Economist Jonathan Williams, not that long ago ?Delaware was ranked 25 th , we're now 36 th , and its highly conceivable - if the talked about policies in Dover are embraced - we'll tumble near the bottom . For the unpleasant story CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


2/11/2019: The support for SB 50 gets exposed, SPEAK OUT

State Senator Bonini continues to lead the charge against proposed Senate Bill 50! If you would like to share an opinion with the bill's eighteen sponsors, email them now! Sponsors' Contact Info. (pdf) For Colin Bonini's latest insights and to learn how Delaware property taxes are about to be raised without a public referendum, CRI Chair, John Stapleford, explains in this interview CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


2/10/2019: A learned perspective on race

Race is center stage in Virginia and race was part of the State of the Union Address. Separately, if 80-ish percent of the minority kids in public school are functionally illiterate, then why do 90-ish percent of the black demographic continue to vote for an agenda that will produce more of the same? George Mason University Economics Professor Walter Williams has spent a distinguished career commenting on race and he shares his unique insights in this fascinating interview. ?CLICK HERE ON LINK BELOW...


February 5, 2019: A dubious tax opens the floodgates!

Taxpayers beware, voters be damned! Delaware's "vo-tech" schools have a unique, sweetheart arrangement. They secure their funding with property tax proceeds that circumvent the General Fund Budget. Reworded, zero accountability. Proposed Senate Bill 50 will allow Delaware Technical and Community College the same skirt-the-process deal. If passed, common sense suggests EVERY state agency/worthy cause will immediately follow and demand identical preferential treatment too!!! To learn how Delaware property taxes are about to be raised without a public referendum, CRI Chair, John Stapleford, explains in this interview and for State Senator Colin Bonini's fiery recap of Senate Bill 50 CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


2/4/2019: The BOLD Plan, solving Delaware’s education crisis

Two-thirds of the 8 th graders in the Delaware public schools are functionally illiterate. CHANGE IS OVERDUE! CRI's Executive Director, Ron Russo, has a powerful resume. Ron is a past Principal of St. Mark's and a past President of the Charter School of Wilmington. He also carries a degree in Physics, an M.B.A., and J.D. degree. To read about his BOLD Plan, "Solving the Education Dilemma" CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


1/28/2019: Some of Delaware’s unkind financial numbers, per ALEC

In 2017, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) rated John Carney as one of the five Worst Governors. In this interview we review the State's 40th ranking in indebtedness and the brand new Census data. ALEC's Chief Economist also shares his opinion on the prospects of a statewide property tax. "Delaware doesn't need more tax revenues!" For those stories and more click and listen to podcasts CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


1/24/2019: CRI Responds to the Governor’s State of the State!

"Where's the beef?" Most remember that famous fast food slogan. Well, after listening to John Carney's State of the State address, where's the substance? Those in the know called the speech "empty" and a "yawner". However, in the attached interview, CRI Board member Charlie Copeland delivers a response that should absolutely humble the Governor. For Charlie's pointed insights CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


1/14/2019: DNREC continues to simply ignore Bloom Energy’s hazardous waste!!!

Despite serious concerns about poisonous waste, DNREC turned last Thursday's Bloom Energy hearing into a high school pep rally. CRI Policy Director Dave Stevenson also says Delaware's Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control continues to ignore - simply ignore - the Bloom Energy hazardous waste issues! For perspective, the old Bloom Boxes (collectively) weigh over 6 MILLION POUNDS!!! Be prepared to be scared, as in this interview Stevenson explains how the State of Delaware continues to ignore - simply ignore - Bloom Energy's toxic waste... CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


1/12/2019: Uneasy questions linger about Delaware's - taxpayer supported...

Uneasy questions linger about Delaware's - taxpayer supported - stock exchange! The DBOT is an ugly and ongoing story. However, New Castle County Council President Karen Hartley-Nagle continues to press for answers. And last Tuesday executives from the Delaware Board of Trade visited the County Council. Unfortunately, the meeting ended the way it started. Still Council Pres Nagle wants to know... Why was she denied financial documents? Why was taxpayer money used, if there was a legal opinion suggesting taxpayer money shouldn't be lent? Since public funds are involved, why are the deal's details shrouded in secrecy? As the saga continues to escalate, here's an update... For the Philadelphia Inquirer/ Joe DiStefano's story AND for NCC Council President Karen Hartley-Nagle's interview CLICK ON LINK BELOW...


1/11/2019: CRI’s Healthcare Recommendations follow-up

Monday's DATA DELAWARE was timely! The News Journal, along with Doug Rainey's Delaware Business Now, had related stories. In turn, CRI's Chair John Stapleford packaged the data into a follow-up one-pager. For that recap click on link below...


1/7/2019: CRI’s Healthcare Recommendations!

The State of Delaware spends something around a billion dollars on healthcare annually. Plus those costs are growing at an estimated 7% a year. It's the biggest item in the Budget. Clearly, the situation is unsustainable. In response, Governor Carney wants price caps. History suggest that's a failed strategy. Instead, University of Delaware Associate Professor of Economics - who is also a CRI Board member - Stacie Beck's attached white paper makes a series of recommendations to address the crisis. John Toedtman, CRI Advisory Council Member and John Stapleford, CRI Chair contributed to this work. For CRI's healthcare call to action click on link below...


12/31/2018: Lies, lies – and the Port deal

CRI Chair John Stapleford reminds us of Dover's whacko extreme over-promises regarding both Fisker and Bloom Energy. Millions and millions of taxpayer money gambled and lost by the elected. With the public still waiting for the details, is the Port of Wilmington deal the next boondoggle? For a recap of the numbers click on link below...


12/24/2018: A DEFAC recap – and is Governor Carney crossing a line?

DEFAC just met. The take-aways are less than obvious. Bob Byrd is a current member of DEFAC, and a past Chair of the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council. He's also a powerful lobbyist and long-time Democratic insider. Byrdie gives us a solid primer on how the State of Delaware Budget happens. His healthcare explanation is painful. And is the Governor asking DEFAC to reach beyond its mission? For our full interview Click on link below...


12/17/2018: Front-running DEFAC, the data says Delaware is a hot mess!

DEFAC, the Delaware Economic & Financial Advisory Council, is getting ready to meet. CRI Chair John Stapleford's review of the numbers, suggests - despite flat revenues - spending will continue to climb. The upcoming Budget process could be ugly. For the State of Delaware's sad, sad financial story click on link below...


12/11/2018: The price-tag for NCC’s anti-growth agenda!

New Castle County Council is getting ready to meet and below is hopefully a discussion item. Post election, local government is now (arguably) even more anti-development. However, history suggests anti-growth ultimately means higher taxes - and still higher taxes. By coincidence, CRI's Chair, Dr. John Stapleford, generated these white papers earlier this year. For the unforgiving data, click on link below...


12/10/2018: The Port of Wilmington deal begins to become exposed!

The consultant the State of Delaware hired to help with the sale of the Port of Wilmington is now SUING the State of Delaware! AND - as bizarre as it sounds - despite two formal signings, none of the legislators know the details, nor have seen the documents, to the Port "deal"! So says CRI Board member Charlie Copeland, who breaks the story. For the full, unbelievable interview click on link below..


12/6/2018: CRI’s Dave Stevenson schools Congress

CRI's Policy Director, Dave Stevenson, was recruited to write an opinion that is being delivered to Congress regarding the ongoing Electric Vehicle subsidy. His work starts with, "Numerous programs have been suggested to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide to ease global warming. Few are as expensive as switching to battery powered motor vehicles." ?For the full report click on link below...


12/5/2018: Delaware ranks a lowly 44th

The Mercatus Center released its 2018 State Fiscal Rankings. Delaware is 44th. For CRI Board Chair, Dr. John Stapleford's condensed recap, click on link below...


12/4/2018: A look at the “mis-allocated” Delaware public school data

"In total, we are spending nearly 2 billion dollars per year on public education AND most of it is caught up in the upper levels of admin-osphere," writes Matt Lenzini, CRI Advisory Council member. For a review of the State's challenging public school data, pinch your nose and click on link below...


12/3/2008: Bloom Energy’s hazardous waste – and DNREC’s cheap-shot

Like all of Delaware, CRI Policy Director Dave Stevenson wants to know about Bloom Energy's hazardous waste. (6 million pounds of Bloom boxes!) But DNREC, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control, took exception, even (apparently) labeling him "intellectually dishonest". All the while, DNREC flip flops! (Boy is that twist embarrassing!) To hear Dave explain the front page story CLICK HERE (10 minutes) * * * Compliments to News Journal/delawareonline reporter Karl Baker, "Firm aiming to replace banks of fuel cells". * * * Public hearing for the Bloom Energy permit request is Thursday Dec 27, at 6PM, at DNREC's Likens Drive facility in New Castle.


11/28/2018: Is Delaware killing its Golden Goose?

Delaware's unique incorporation business (collectively) represents maybe HALF of the State's annual revenues. According to Bill Freeborn, a former Director of the Division of Corporations, "Delaware residents pay only 50 cents for each dollar of service we receive." BUT ITS AT RISK! To read about "the shrinking value of Delaware's preeminent corporate status" click on link below...


11/27/2018: CRI responds to Governor Carney’s healthcare initiative!

Runaway healthcare costs are the State's biggest Budget item! So can a career politician command market forces to halt? History suggests that's naive, even silly. And yet Governor Carney - by executive order - is embracing price caps on healthcare. The local paper does the reporting. CRI Board Chair John Stapleford reviews the data. For his beat-down commentary CLICK HERE (7:44 minutes) For Meredith Newman's News Journal/Delaware online story, "State plans to keep the growth of health care under 4 percent annually" click on link below...


11/26/2018: A statewide property tax in Delaware?

Bob Byrd is a powerful lobbyist, a multi-decade Democrat insider, and a past Chairman of Delaware Economic & Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC). Despite no less than a handful of deal-killing roadblocks, "Bird" believes the time has come for a statewide property tax in Delaware. To hear our lively-and at times heated-discussion click link below...


11/19/2018: The poor and the money - and DNREC should explain!

At least 30,000 Delaware families might qualify for the low income Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)", writes CRI Policy Director Dave Stevenson. DNREC - the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control - oversees this effort in the First State. Unfortunately, Stevenson estimates 80% of the almost $5 million budget goes to overhead! Furthermore, DNREC continues to stonewall any explanation - even to Senate Minority Leader and former House Energy Chair Hocker. To learn about the unsettling low income energy program details click on the link below... To support State Senator Gerald Hocker as he tries to clean up this mess, email him at


11/12/2018: An election review (grab your wallet Delaware)

Democrats now control all the statewide elected offices in Delaware. In our interview CRI Board member Charlie Copeland talks about the ramifications of a one-party, very Blue, state. And it ain't pretty! For instance, with Delaware fiscally challenged, ?the most conservative decision-maker in the Budget process may be tax-and-spend Governor John Carney. To get a sampling of the upcoming Progressive on the link below...


11/8/2018: SPECIAL EDITION: The Delaware stock exchange exposed!

Blockchain dreams: Biden pals, GOP lawmaker, gov't loan and shares from China By any measure, the Delaware Board of Trade (DBOT) - subsidized by millions of dollars of taxpayer money - has been a dismal failure. Joseph DiStefano, reporter for The Inquirer/, just wrote a scathing story revealing even more detail regarding this blatant cronyism. ?To learn more about Delaware's stock exchange and The Delaware Way click on link below... (you'll be directed to to read this article)


11/7/2018: Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Delaware

With the gruelling election finally behind us, it seems like the opportune time for hopeful thoughts. CRI Senior Advisor John Toedtman's "Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Delaware" offers lawmakers ideas for positive action. To learn about the Angel Investor Tax Credit law and more -- click on link below...


10/29/2018: Districts 9, 10, and 17 need to step-up!

We received big feedback from last week's Bloom Energy story. So then, what's the call to action? State Senator Dave Lawson is spearheading legislation to launch a review. However, it will go nowhere if the election does not bring change. You can help! A Republican, demanding a Bloom audit, needs to win in either the 9th, 10th or 17th District. For Senator Lawson's interview click on link below... To continue to support Senator Lawson's efforts