About Us

The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) is a 501(c)(3) research and education organization founded in 2008 to be a counter-voice to the prevailing wisdom in Dover that raising taxes (or not allowing them to sunset) and increasing spending, regulations, and central planning through state agencies were going to solve Delaware's fiscal and quality of life problems.
Despite efforts by some to convince the public that Delaware's economy is just fine the way things are, or that we can tolerate mediocre public schools, high electric prices, and few healthcare options because "we're better off than our neighboring states", we at CRI have made an effort to demonstrate just how poorly Delaware performs in many aspects of economic, education, energy, and healthcare policy, and overall quality of life. We provide the data research and public policy expertise to the public and to all public officials, free of charge (but we do appreciate donations!) to be the catalyst for discussion for public policy.
Our hope is that the public and its leaders will consider our research and use the factual data we provide to make the best decisions for the public while maintaining transparency over how money is spent. Our other hope is that if our public officials do not live up to this standard the well-informed public will vote the public officials out or will vote for candidates who will bring about  needed change.

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