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League of Women Voters

Jim Hosley's presentation to the LOWV in Dover March 27, 2013. [read more]

jim presentation

[read more]

Dr. Ladner's July 31st Presentation

[read more]

Delaware education moving sideways, not up

There is no doubt performance is moving sideways not forward. There is no doubt the cost of education is moving upward. [read more]

Parents need to demand change in our schools

For too long the system has told parents the education experience it provides their children will improve. Parents are patiently waiting. [read more]

Charter Schools are Essential in Addressing Education's Ills

No one wants to be trapped in a system that is failing him. Without the freedom to choose how to spend tax dollars set aside for their child's education, families in mid- and lower-income levels are deprived of the freedom to choose what is best for their child. [read more]

Freedom to Choose: Two for Choice and One for Life's Not Always Fair

Delaware lags behind other states when it comes to providing individuals and families the freedom to choose for themselves or their children an educational experience in higher-achieving or safer schools. [read more]

Is a New Center Really Necessary?

Performance continues to be troubling. Cost of education in Delaware is among the highest in the country. Parent and voter dissatisfaction is growing and they want more choices. For these reasons the Caesar Rodney Institute launched the Center for Excellence in Education (CEE). [read more]

Are Delaware school children and teachers being exposed to airborne toxins?

Delaware's public schools may have health threatening levels of mold. Vendor contract data from Caesar Rodney's Delaware Spends website makes it appear that the state may be stonewalling on the issue, possibly putting students, teachers and staff at risk. [read more]

Give us more choice!

The most recently available data on Delaware public schools speaks for itself: parents want more choice. [read more]

Stop Talking about Education and Start Doing

The effects of high administrative costs in DE's educational system [read more]

Founder's Values Presentation

Jim Hosley's presentation to Founders Values on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. [read more]

Apples vs Oranges: Why schools cannot be compared internationally

Why our schools cannot be compared internationally [read more]

The Year of School Choice

State Legislators Fight for Children and School Choice [read more]

The details behind Delaware student test scores

Every year the U.S. Department of Education produces a report card with the test performance of 4th and 8th grade students by state. The latest available test data is for 2009. What does it show for Delaware and what does it mean exactly? [read more]
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