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Critique of EPA Revised SNAP Regulations for Refrigerants
The EPA altered regulations to switch to a new class of refrigerants that supposedly reduces global warming.  The reality is by 2100 the change will reduce forecasted temperature by 0.001 degree C, but will cost billions, add up to $70 to every new automobile, and increase flammability.  R...[read more]
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Our Energy Predictions for 2016
We at CRI have been correct about every major energy policy prediction we've made. In 2010, we predicted the Bluewater Wind offshore wind project would collapse for lack of financing.  The announcement came in late 2011. In 2011 we predicted the Bloom Fuel Cell Project would cost Delmarva...[read more]
Delaware's Cleanest Coal-fired Power Plant in Crosshairs
Originally published December 8, 2015, at and December 9 in The News Journal.   The Indian River Power Plant in Millsboro is in the cross hairs for closure. NRG Corporation invested $360 million in air pollution control technology a few years ago and it is n...[read more]
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Delaware Air Quality Excellent, Time to End Expensive Regulation
Delaware is now in compliance with every EPA air quality standard including recently tightened ozone standards. We also already beat the 2030 cap on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants! The air quality standards are set at levels consistent with health impact related scientific studies.&nbs...[read more]
CRI Works for the Poor
The primary purpose of the Caesar Rodney Institute is to improve Delaware’s economy through state policy reform. We expect this effort to lead to more and better jobs. For some of our citizens, work is not a possibility and they need assistance to get by.  Recently we helped create a ne...[read more]
Picture New York State Covered by Wind Farms
Australia will shift taxpayer funded subsidies away from building new wind farms, a mature industry, to support research in new clean energy technology. A similar strategy has been suggested for US energy policy in an MIT study. In California, a federal judge ruled against a US Fish & Wildlife...[read more]
The Pope on Climate Change: Something for Everyone
Everyone will see their own beliefs in what Pope Francis has written on Climate Change. Some will see the call for the acceptance of the reality of global warming, and the need for an urgent response to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Others might focus on the Pope’s rejection of carbon tax...[read more]
MIT Study Supports CRI Solar Policy
Delaware is currently meeting 1% of its electricity needs with solar power at a cost of one third of a billion dollars in subsidy commitments from taxpayers and electric customers. This is unsustainable.  A common sense approach to solar energy has been proposed by a leading university. “...[read more]
Lower Carbon Emissions by Quitting Cap and Trade
            The best way for Delaware to lower power plant carbon dioxide emissions is to quit the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Power plants in Delaware must buy carbon dioxide emission allowances in a quarterly auction. The prog...[read more]
Standing Up For Academic Freedom
We congratulate the University of Delaware for declining to comply with a request from US Representative Raul Grijalva’s for information regarding funding sources for UD’s Dr. David Legates.  The Congressman singled out half a dozen scholars for testifying before Congress with vie...[read more]
How an "A" Becomes and "F"
In 2014, for the first time, Delaware met all Air Quality Standards for every measured pollutant. That is an “A” in my book! Yet the American Lung Association (ALA) just released a report giving Delaware an “F” grade for air quality. How could that be?   Start by fol...[read more]
The Federal Government's Good News
How about some good news for a change? The revolution in energy production in the United States is all good. The US Energy Information Agency Annual Energy Outlook 2015 is out with an encouraging forecast that extends to 2040.   • By 2020 total energy production and consumption will be ...[read more]
Delmarva Delaware Capital Distribution Construction Plan evaluation
Evaluation of the Proposed “Delmarva Delaware Capital Distribution Construction Plan 2014 – 2018” PSC Docket 13-152 Prepared for: Caesar Rodney Institute Prepared by: Alternative Strategies Consulting, LLC David T. Stevenson 6/2/14
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Do You Support Killing Cute Little Puppies?
Who would answer yes to that question? It is the classic kind of question used in “push polls”, surveys designed to obtain the answer the organization asking the question wants. The University of Delaware recently circulated a push poll to get support for offshore wind farm development...[read more]
Speculators and Government are Costing you Money
In 2013 new rules were announced for carbon permit auctions held by the nine-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative greatly reducing the number of permits available. The number of available permits dropped from 147 million in 2012 to 78 million in 2014, about the number needed by electric generat...[read more]
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