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Electric Industry De-Regulation Hasn't Lowered Prices
Electric industry de-regulation was supposed to lower cost through competition but many residential customers saw their electric bill increase almost $500/yr! As recently as 2003 our electric rates were competitive with the rest of the nation but now are 36% more. For industrial users the ...[read more]
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Time to Abandon Ten State Regional Cap and Trade
A regional cap and trade program you probably never heard of will cost the citizens’ of northeast coastal states $3.5 billion in hidden taxes. National cap and trade appears to be dying and the Chicago Carbon Exchange closed its’ doors to carbon trading October 29. But ten states joine...[read more]
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End Ethanol Subsidies
Congress needs to end the wasteful subsidy for ethanol production that can damage engines and cost the average Delaware household $75/year.
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New Car Prices Headed Up
You can expect to pay an extra $1,000 for your next car. Thank the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) for adopting California air quality standards for all new vehicles starting in 2014.
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Global Warming Debate Basics, How good is the Temperature Record
Besides the debate over the cause of temperature changes, there is still a debate about the accuracy of the land based temperature record. CRI looks at the problems.
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Global Warming Debate Basics, a Tale of Two Theories
Two theories about the cause of long term temperature trends have co-existed since the early 1950’s. One suggests variations in the sunspot cycle heats or cools the earth. The other says rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels increases the &ldquo...[read more]
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Delaware Energy Policy Assumptions are Misleading
The key assumptions used to develop Delaware’s energy policy have led us down a wrong and very expensive path. The first mistake began in 1998 when Delaware passed legislation de-regulating prices for the electric generation industry believing it would lower prices.   In fact pr...[read more]
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Delaware Shoots Self in Foot
Electricity rates charged to industry in Delaware are 50% higher than the national average and are heading higher, threatening economic growth.  Companies requiring a lot of electricity such as manufacturing, data management and food processing are unlikely to locate here.  Sadly, those hi...[read more]
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In Support of Backup Generator Networks
Backup electric generators used in Delaware poultry houses provide very competitively priced electrical power to Delaware Electric Cooperative (DEC) during peak use periods. But DNREC’s Ali Mirzakhalili has called these generators “an insult to the environment” and “malevolen...[read more]
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Yard Waste Ban Coming to Kent and Sussex Counties
If you usually dispose of your Christmas tree by the curb, do it before New Years’ Day. Effective Jan 1, 2011 all yard waste will be prohibited from disposal as regular landfill waste. You will have to pay an extra $6 to $14/month for yard waste pickup based on experience in New Castle County....[read more]
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Time to Abandon Regional Cap and Trade
  Delaware’s 2019 carbon dioxide cap and trade goals have already been exceeded and we can now end a program that adds millions of dollars to our electric bills! National cap and trade appears to be dying and the Chicago Carbon Exchange closed its’ doors to carbon trading Oc...[read more]
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Should the Feds be Buying Our Wind Power?
Energy independence has emerged as one of the leading issues as we enter the 21st Century. Delaware is positioning to be a leader in that global arena by getting out in front of alternative energy production with off-shore wind farms and many different municipalities funding solar arrays. Indeed, De...[read more]
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The Big Chill
by Pete du Pont   Two months ago this column offered an analysis of the Waxman-Markey global warming bill, its enormous cost and its practical impossibilities   Sometime in the next few weeks Congress will begin consideration of the bill, one of the priorities of the Oba...[read more]
A Harsh Climate for Trade
How Climate Change Proposals Threaten Global Commerce     by Sallie James   The upcoming Copenhagen conference on climate change has led to calls for the United States to adopt a climate change abatement program in advance. In an effort to minimize adverse effects on ce...[read more]
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Impact of Waxman-Markey on Delaware
The Heritage Foundation has released data on the impact of the Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade bill on Delaware. The report notes that if passed, the bill will result in losses in Gross State Product, Personal Income, and Non- Farm Jobs in Delaware.   The study, written by Karen Campbell, Ph.D....[read more]
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