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How Your Tax Dollars Secretly Bailed Out a Private Agency
9/10/2012   There was no debate on $11 million added to last year’s Bond Bill even though it was the second line item on the budget.  If it is for something as worthwhile as energy efficiency how could it be a bad thing?  In reality the money was used to cover up an embarras...[read more]
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Environmentalists Have Lost the Moral High Ground
9/6/2012 Environmental groups want us to believe they have the moral high ground as they were for cleaner air and water, and been able to get away with that simply by claiming those who opposed them support pollution.  It is no longer that simple.  By wedding themselves to a few expensive...[read more]
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Sea Level Rise and Climate Change, Another View
8/30/2012 Globally, sea level has risen 13 feet in the last seven thousand years and local Delaware tide gauges suggest the sea level rose about a foot in the twentieth century.  Planning for sea level rise is a good idea.  There should have been a rapid response plan to fill the 50 foot ...[read more]
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The Bloom Prophecy
A visit to Siem Reap in 2000, the second largest city in Cambodia, found one poorly paved two lane roadway in the entire city but lots of cell phones.  The developing world skipped the expensive infrastructure cost to develop land line based phone service and went directly to less capital inten...[read more]
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Green Jobs Still Elusive
Investments in “green” jobs have yet to pay off nationally or in Delaware.  The Obama Administration has invested $9 billion in wind and solar projects between 2009 and 2011 creating just 911 direct jobs according to a report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a division...[read more]
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Legislative Session Winding Down
The budget is passed and the House and Senate have gotten through their first “Must Have” lists.  CRI is watching two bills: We oppose SB263 which would expand the solar mandate in Delaware from 3.5% to 6%.  Follow this link for more information on the bill; http://caesarrod...[read more]
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Last Minute Attempt to Expand Solar Hurts the Poor
Proponents of Senate bill 263 say the law will help the poor put solar panels on their homes.  The real purpose of the law is to sell more solar panels at premium prices.  Electric ratepayers, including the poor, will pay $500 million more for electricity over the next dozen years to pay...[read more]
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Battle With Bloom over, War not over yet
Yesterday, the Coastal Zone Industrial Control Board voted to uphold Secretary O'Mara's decision to grant Bloom Energy the right to build their Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, called Bloom Boxes, on nine acres of land near the coastal zone.  Bloom Energy says their boxes will be good for the environmen...[read more]
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Delmarva Power Rate Payers & Delaware Citizens v. Bloom Energy & Friends - Round Two
In August 2011, the Public Service commission approved PSC Docket No. 11-362 providing for Delmarva Power to purchase electrical power to be supplied by the Bloom Project Company, a privately held company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, from their proprietary solid state fuel cells. Bloom&rs...[read more]
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Fracking: An Answer to Concerns
Every article on natural gas generates complaint problems with fracking that have not been adequately discussed.  Usually we don’t have the space.  I have noticed the complaint letters omit problems with renewable energy products such as:          Sola...[read more]
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Wasteful SEU is a Tribute to Inefficiency
When Delaware legislators created the Sustainable Energy Utility, they limited the amount of money the agency could borrow using bonds, free of state taxes, for projects to make the state more energy efficient. They told taxpayers such a new agency should be kept under control. The legislation, d...[read more]
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Fiscal Reconciliation of SEU Expenditures
Embedded is a FOIA request we placed to DNREC which includes all of the department's expenditures from September 21, 2011.
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Understanding Next Week's Headline Story
An upcoming major news story may be about an electric rate price shock.  The root cause will be Obama’s war on coal.  Obama is responding to pressure from environmental groups led by the Sierra Club which received a $100 million private grant for efforts to cut the use of coal for el...[read more]
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Blind Pursuit of Renewable Energy Leading to Higher Prices
No one would argue that electricity generated from renewable resources is not a desirable thing, but the well-intentioned blind pursuit of it is pushing electricity prices higher in The First State. Delaware’s businesses and homeowners are already paying dearly to keep the lights on.  ...[read more]
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UD Teaches Wrong Message on "Green" Roof
A recent $60,000 University of Delaware project has left students with the wrong impression the expenditure will “lower energy use, clean the air, and teach sustainable environmental practices”.  In fact, a more thoughtful approach would have yielded similar results for a tenth the ...[read more]
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