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Understanding Next Week's Headline Story
An upcoming major news story may be about an electric rate price shock.  The root cause will be Obama’s war on coal.  Obama is responding to pressure from environmental groups led by the Sierra Club which received a $100 million private grant for efforts to cut the use of coal for el...[read more]
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Blind Pursuit of Renewable Energy Leading to Higher Prices
No one would argue that electricity generated from renewable resources is not a desirable thing, but the well-intentioned blind pursuit of it is pushing electricity prices higher in The First State. Delaware’s businesses and homeowners are already paying dearly to keep the lights on.  ...[read more]
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UD Teaches Wrong Message on "Green" Roof
A recent $60,000 University of Delaware project has left students with the wrong impression the expenditure will “lower energy use, clean the air, and teach sustainable environmental practices”.  In fact, a more thoughtful approach would have yielded similar results for a tenth the ...[read more]
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Important Bloom Energy Issue Update
Delaware electric ratepayers may pay an extra half billion dollars for electricity to support a thirty megawatt fuel cell generating facility.  A state sponsored contract between Bloom and Delmarva Power guarantees a 30 MW fuel cell project $1.1 billion in revenues over 25 years.  Because ...[read more]
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Reasons to Revise or Repeal the Renewable Portfolio Standard
1)      Delaware has to compete for jobs nationally and globally.  Individual state energy policies lead to higher energy costs and leave us at a competitive disadvantage.  Energy policy should be a national initiative.  The separate Delaware RPS should be rep...[read more]
Case to Change Delaware's Energy Policy
Delaware electricity consumers will pay an extra $34 million this year for subsidies for expensive renewable power.  This cost could rise to $300 million by 2025.  For example, the subsidies reimburse the affluent who can afford $40,000 solar installations.  The extra cost raises elec...[read more]
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East Coast Refinery Closings Could move Gas prices Even Higher
The East Coast will lose 50% of its gasoline refinery capacity by July and this will likely lead to higher and more volatile prices according to the US Energy Information Agency.  ConocoPhillips has already closed the Trainer Refinery as has Sunoco with its Marcus Hook plant.  Sunoco has s...[read more]
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Time to Review Delaware's Renewable Energy Program
Delaware’s electrical power rates are not competitive. Delaware electricity consumers will pay an extra $38 million this year because of state mandates which force the use of expensive solar, fuel cell, and wind power.  This cost could rise to $300 million by 2025 adding $275 a year to re...[read more]
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Delaware Onshore Wind Power Potential Poor
The latest wind resource maps show Delaware has very limited potential for commercial wind farms.  It is generally accepted an average annual wind speed of 6.5 mph at 80 meters above the ground is needed for economically viable wind farms.  Those speeds are only available at the tip of Cap...[read more]
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Delaware Air Quality Improving
 Nine air monitoring stations across Delaware have been measuring air quality for seven pollutants for decades. Only one pollutant, ozone, is slightly higher than the national standard about 1% of the time. Missing the standard has meant the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has forced the s...[read more]
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The Clean Energy Trojan HorseBig Green, made up of powerful environmental lobbying groups along with
Big Green, made up of powerful environmental lobbying groups along with elected and appointed officials, now rules Delaware. Legislation that could not be passed nationally is now routinely approved here. Delaware’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requires the increased use of...[read more]
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What the Dover Sun Park Will Really Cost You
It is astonishing you are not allowed to know what the Dover Sun Park is costing you. The total added cost of the Sun Park compared to using conventional power over the twenty year contract will be $93 million or almost $5 million a year! The total generation cost for power will average ...[read more]
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How to Rebuild Delaware's Electric Generation Capacity
Delaware imports 60% of its electric power. We get penalized for causing grid congestion and are missing out on 1000 direct jobs at generating facilities. This is a major reason our manufacturers pay 50% more for electricity than the average state and why residential customers pay an ext...[read more]
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"Green" Premium takes off in 2012
Delaware electric utility bills will be $38 million higher than necessary in 2012 to pay the premium for state mandated “green” energy programs. Wind and solar power is being phased in slowly in hopes ratepayers won’t notice the increase. The increases could eventually ...[read more]
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Governor's Shale Gas Delay Costly and Baseless
Natural gas production is the real deal for job creation. Seventy-two thousand new jobs have been created in Pennsylvania alone. Now Delaware, with no direct job potential, wants to slow economic development to placate powerful environmental lobbyist. Once again, the poor and midd...[read more]
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