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Real Steps to Increase Jobs
            Delaware’s Goods Producing sector, like manufacturing and construction, declined 24% from pre-recession levels to 2012! The rest of the country was only down 2% and is on the way to full recovery. There are policy b...[read more]
What has Federal Government Spending Done for Education?
Since the 1960’s the breadth and depth of the federal government involvement in education has increased while student outcomes have declined or remained flat.   The chart at the bottom of the page (click "Download Document Here") demonstrates the number of programs, the incr...[read more]
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The futility of raising taxes
More confirmation that taxpayers will only cough up a fixed amount of their earnings to the government.
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The creativity of tax payers
Hauser's Law demonstrates that taxpyers will only fork over so much of their income to government. Data shows that is true in Delaware as well. If legislators want to grow state revenue, they must growth the economy first.
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Delaware Medicaid out of control?
Enrollment in Medicaid in Delaware has soared 70% over the last decade. The projected costs to the State are unsustainable.
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Shifting Sands: Delaware Personal Income
Shifting Sands: Delaware Personal Income   By John Stapleford, Ph.D.   As the state of Delaware enters into budget negotiations for the coming fiscal year, the health of Delaware’s personal income looms large. The personal income tax provides 35% of the state’s gener...[read more]
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The Gathering Storm
The Gathering Storm by John Stapleford           Recent Federal data reveals that Delaware now ranks 5th among all the states in the percent of births to unmarried mothers. Nearly 46% of Delaware births during 2006 were to unwed mothers, including 32% of...[read more]
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Have a Coke and a Tax
Have a Coke and a Tax   by Veronique de Rugy Published at, 12/14/09 "With the federal deficit reaching $1.4 trillion and most state budgets deep in the red, policy makers are desperately searching for new sources of revenue that the tapped-out American public might s...[read more]
Death Tax: Time to Kill It Forever
The Caesar Rodney Institute recently issued a commentary on the Death Tax as it pertains to Delaware. Specifically, the tax was reestablished in Delaware during the first session of the 145th General Assembly.   On December 2, 2009, The Heritage Foundation released a memo containing addi...[read more]
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It would be good to be first
It would be good to be first   Governor Jack Markell and Director of Economic Development Alan Levin are canvassing the state meeting with individuals, business owners, academics and other community leaders to find ways to make Delaware more attractive to businesses.   When families ...[read more]
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Taxing and Spending in Delaware
 Taxing and Spending in Delaware   Tax Freedom Day is the day of the calendar year when Americans have finally earned enough money to pay all of their federal, state and local taxes. In 2009, Delawareans worked 101 days, from January 1 to April 11, to pay their tax bill, giving Del...[read more]
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The Time is Now to make Delaware a Right to Work State
The Time is Now to make Delaware a Right to Work State   It happens like clockwork. A bill to make Delaware a right to work state has been introduced regularly in recent years.   Given the economic climate, the need for jobs, and the competitive nature of finding and incubating new and...[read more]
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The Government's Impact on Per Capita Income in Delaware
There exists an absolute need to reduce the size of government, principally government spending, at the state and local level in Delaware.   Preliminary evidence from anecdotes and econometric studies indicate that irresponsible action and unrestrained growth of government in Delaware has l...[read more]
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$200 Million From...
To balance the fiscal year 2010 budget, the General Assembly increased a handful of taxes and fees to raise $206 million. Nearly two months after the end of the legislative session a brief reminder of what was increased is in order. Specifics on most bills are excluded from this brief synopsis. T...[read more]
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Reviving Delaware
Delaware was one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing states throughout the 1990s and into the new millennium. The state’s population grew from 666,168 residents in 1990 to 783,600 in 2000 and reached a population of 873,092 in 2008.   In looking at how to jump start Delaware&rsquo...[read more]
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