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Are our politicians worth more?
This article originally appeared on February 3, 2015, and in The News Journal February 4, 2015. View the original here   Survey after survey shows high levels of disillusion among voters regarding their elected officials. The sense is that the political elite display a grow...[read more]
Delaware's Economic Outlook for 2015
The attached article appeared in the Delaware Business Times edition January 6, 2015. John's article is on Pages 4-5. He summarizes 2014 state economic data and makes projections for 2015.
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How the Transparent Delaware site can help your business
Caesar Rodney's Transparent Delaware website has been updated to include the state of Delaware's FY 2014 vendor payments of $4.7 billion encompassing almost 474,000 individual transactions. The state is a major player in Delaware's economy with vendor payments that amount to nearly 10% of private in...[read more]
Time to use Delaware's underused asset: baby boomers
note: this editorial originally appeared in The News Journal and January 1, 2015.  Read the original by clicking here     The baby boomers continue to age ... and perhaps mature ... and move into the empty nesters retirement years. Currently in Delaware, three ...[read more]
How is the state paying so much overtime?
             Caesar Rodney's Transparent Delaware website has been updated to include state employee payroll data through 2013. An initial pass at the latest data continues to raise the question as to why the State of Delaware government ...[read more]
Delaware's Prevailing Wage is Still the Problem
The Caesar Rodney Institute's Center for Economic Policy and Analysis has updated its 2010 comprehensive report on the methodology used by the Delaware Department of Labor (DDOL) in the calculation of the state's prevailing wage and the methodology continues to be seriously flawed and tilted toward ...[read more]
New Castle Co, Wilmington economic plans are a good start
This article originally appeared in The News Journal as a Delaware Voice opinion editorial on November 18, 2014. The link is:   New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon and Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams are to be congratulated for allowing consultants to produce ...[read more]
The positive benefits of a Right to Work law for Delaware
    A recent report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute confirms once again the economic boost that right to work laws provide states.     Richard Vedder and Jonathan Robe, in "An Interstate Analysis of Right to Work Laws," confirm that over time the ...[read more]
The Latest Tax Climate Report
The Tax Foundation has recently released its 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index. As usual the "tax you until you leave" states of New Jersey, New York and California fall at the bottom of the rankings. Besides the "energy belt" states, it is no surprise that Florida, New H...[read more]
High Electric Prices Hurt Economic Growth
This article was originally published on October 28, 2014 on the website This article is reprinted in its entirely with permission.   Economic research on the impact of energy prices on economic growth has focused largely on the volatility of the price of oil, which has tri...[read more]
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Survey Results Show Delawareans Want Education Reform
Many state legislators in Delaware have chosen to be joined at the hip with the Delaware public teachers union. This is in part because of the generous campaign contributions bestowed each year by the union to political candidates that see the world the way the union does. Changing sentiment among...[read more]
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State Regulatory Burdens: How Does Delaware Compare?
The recovery from the 2008-2009 recession has been the longest and weakest since WWII. Typically an upswing in domestic real investment initiates a recovery. The two main components of real investment are residential housing and nonresidential (business) investment. The bursting of the housing bub...[read more]
Delaware's Disappearing Labor Force
The Liberty Foundation of Oklahoma ( today released data on the labor force participation rates from 1999 through 2013 for all states. The trends in Delaware are disturbing (click on the link below for the depressing statistics).   The participation in the labor for...[read more]
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Dr. John Stapleford's Presidential Address
Dr. John Stapleford, taking over as CRI's new President, spoke to Dace Blaskovitz on "Money and Politics in Delaware" about his new role as CRI's president and on what was going on with the state's economy. The show airs Saturdays from 9-10 on 1450 AM and 1410 AM.  ...[read more]
Delaware's economic growth lags behind neighbors
What do the numbers on Delaware’s production tell us about the effectiveness of the state’s economic policies?       Delaware’s economic growth rate, as measured by growth in gross state product (GSP) in chained 2009 dollars, has lagged behind the nation...[read more]
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