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A smarter economic pathway for Delaware
This article was originally printed in the Delaware State News on February 19, 2016.   COMMENTARY: A smarter economic pathway for Delaware February 19, 2016 · by Dace J. Blaskovitz and Dr. John E. Stapleford With a budget battle about to begin, what does the data suggest as...[read more]
Reviving Delaware Manufacturing
This article originally appeared on on October 11, 2015, and in the News Journal October 12, 2015.   Despite their coordinated public relations splash on The News Journal’s Opinion pages, both Sen. Coons and Gov. Markell demonstrated a surprising lack of knowled...[read more]
Government integrity in Delaware
This article first appeared at on November 18, 2015, and in the News Journal November 19, 2015.   As noted by The News Journal, a recent report by the Center for Public Integrity and Global integrity rated Delaware State Government as 48th among the states in accounta...[read more]
If Delaware Adopts a Sales Tax...
Overall, Delaware has the 14th best 2015 business tax climate according to the Tax Foundation. Even more important, as jobs are far more likely to move between contiguous states, Delaware’s tax climate is far better than surrounding states in the region (see the tabe available in the downl...[read more]
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Why is Delaware's output flat?
This article originally appeared in the News Journal and at   The total inflation adjusted output of goods and services in Delaware rose a mere 0.6% over the past 10 years. This contrasts to 8.2% in Pennsylvania, 16.6% in New York, 34.3% in Texas, and 12.1% across th...[read more]
The reason Delaware's retail industry is in trouble
Retail trade in northern Delaware seems to be in a funk. Between 2007 and 2014 total inflation-adjusted retail sales in New Castle County decreased 11%. Retail trade employment is down by over 7% and the total number of retail trade establishments has dropped by almost 11%.   What expla...[read more]
There are many factors a business chooses when deciding where to locate or to relocate: tax rates, quality of life, quality of education system, government regulatory burden, and now for manufacturing businesses, whether a state has a Right to Work (RTW) law or not.   Proving that RTW i...[read more]
Delaware's Personal Income Problem
The Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis has released the first quarter 2015 personal income data for Delaware and the changes since 2005 are striking.   Total personal income for Delawareans rose 39% over the latest 10 years. Adjusted for inflation, real personal income has averaged gro...[read more]
Delaware's Fiscal Future Poor
A recent report from the Mercatus Center uses fourteen metrics to assess whether states can meet their short-term bills and long-term obligations. Delaware is poorly positioned with regards to its long-term obligations.   The analysis in the report is based upon FY 2013 data from the Co...[read more]
Is Amazon amazing?
Amazon recently announced the addition of 500 jobs at its Fulfillment (distribution) Center in Middletown, bringing the total of year round jobs at the site to 2,500. Is this commitment amazing?   On a macro level it is not. Over the past five years Amazon has been one of the fast growi...[read more]
Might General Electric Move to Delaware?
General Electric may be looking for a new home for its corporate headquarters in response to a whopping $150 million Connecticut state tax increase.  The company already moved once as a tax refugee from New York City to its current Fairfield, Connecticut location.  Delaware could get on th...[read more]
Gross receipts tax will add to economic woes
This article was originally published at on May 29 in The News Journal on May 30   The recent DEFAC Advisory Council on Revenue recommends an increase in the state's Gross Receipts Tax rate. This is a gross mistake for three reasons.   First, if you tax...[read more]
Delaware needs a more competitive tax structure
This article was originally published at on June 4,2015 and in The News Journal the next day. As former chair of DEFAC (the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council 1977-85), I read with interest and enthusiasm the May 2015 report of the DEFAC Advisory Council on Reve...[read more]
COMMENTARY: Time for Delaware to amend the Prevailing Wage law
This article was originally published Sunday, May 31 in the Delaware State News and on the website. After years of doing business as usual and putting tough spending cut decisions to the side, the General Assembly is now facing the harsh reality that yes, we do need to make spending cuts. The r...[read more]
Legislators just plain wrong on wage, right-to-work law
This article first appeared at on March 27, 2015, and in the News Journal on March 28, 2015. Normally, and from a professional point of view, I do not spend my time replying to politicians’ op-eds. They usually are full of ideological and partisan talking points without fac...[read more]
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