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(Pictured: Delaware Legislative Hall, Dover, DE)

Eliminate the Health care CON in Delaware

RELEASE: CRI - Center for Economic Policy and Analysis   RE: Eliminate the health care CON in Delaware   DATE:  5/16/19     In 1974, Congress passed the National Health Planning and Resources Development Act, which made certain Federal funding conditional upon states implementation of Certificate of Need (CON) laws. These laws require those who wish to open new healthcare facilities, expand existing facilities, or even purchase new equipment to obtain state regulator permission.   The Delaware Health Resources Board, part of the Delaware Health Care Commission, has responsibility for the CON public review process in the First State. ...
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Jobs and Opportunity in Delaware

RELEASE: CRI - Center for Economic Policy and Analysis   RE: Jobs and Opportunity in Delaware   DATE:  5/14/19   The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity publishes a Jobs and Opportunity Index (JOI) for all the states monthly. As of March of this year, Delaware ranks 50th among the states.   Three factors comprise the JOI:  job outlook, freedom, and prosperity. To identify the reason for Delaware’s last place ranking on the JOI, each factor needs to be examined.   JOB OUTLOOK:  This is a measure of optimism as to work opportunities in the current market. It is an indicator that people are either working o...[read more]

Earl Jaques Response

Earl Jaques Response Dated:  5/12/2019   In his May 5, 2019 opinion column, Rep. Earl Jaques, Chairman of the House Education Committee, solicits support for his Bill to permit districts to modestly increase their rates for operating funds without a referendum.  While well-intentioned, passage of this Bill assumes that a lack of funding is the source of our public school system’s poor performance.  Well, it’s not and, if successful, this Bill will exacerbate the problem.   In 2013 NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) and the U.S. Department of Education ranked Delaware 10th in per-pupil expenditures.  From 1999 to ...[read more]

Output Flat Report

RELEASE: CRI - Center for Economic Policy and Analysis RE: Output Flat DATE: 5/9/19 The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis has released its Gross State Product (GSP) figures by state for the fourth quarter of 2018 and Delaware continues a lackluster performance. In inflation adjusted dollars, GSP measures the total output of each state. Over the past three years, 2015Q4 to 2018Q4, total Delaware GSP has retreated -0.4%. Over the same time period gross output across the nation rose 7.5%. GSP in neighboring New Jersey paralleled the nation with a 7.5% increase in output and Pennsylvania came in at 4.9%. The major Delaware industries that experienced a drop in output o...[read more]

Money Walks

RELEASE: CRI - Center for Economic Policy and Analysis RE: Money Walks – A Tale of Two Counties DATE:  5/7/19   The IRS compiles aggregate data on personal income tax returns and, among other things, shows the movement of household adjusted gross income (AGI) among counties. The latest data, 2015-16, paints a divergent tale for Delaware’s most northern and southern counties.   Between 2015-16 net out-migration from New Castle County reduced the County’s total personal income by more than $177 million (-1.1% of total income). The average AGI of households moving into the County was $65,700 while the average AGI for households moving out o...[read more]

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