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(Pictured: Delaware Legislative Hall, Dover, DE)

Dover wants to amend Title 29. Dover is proposing a cost of living (COLA)...

AN ACT TO AMEND TITLE 29 OF THE DELAWARE CODE RELATING TO THE STATE EMPLOYEES' PENSION PLAN AND COST OF LIVING ADJUSTMENT.   Having survived a nearly $400 million deficit two years ago and with State employee and retiree healthcare benefits rising 6% to 8% per annum, Senate Bill 62 now proposes that State pensioners receive an annual cost of living adjustment in accord to the National Consumer Price Index.   Looking at the latest data on the Delaware State Employees Pension Plan leads one to ask where the money for this Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) will come from? Between FY17 and FY18 pension payments from the Plan rose 5%, net investment earnings rose 0.7%, me ...
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"A shotgun approach to curbing violent crimes"

"A shotgun approach to curbing violent crimes" By Matt L. Lenzini, CRI Adivsory Council 4/12/2019   Numerous bills were introduced in the Delaware State legislature recently that would limit the sale of certain types of firearms, limit the capacity of magazines and limit how a firearm can be kept and stored.   The bills have the presumed intent of reducing the number of violent crimes and deaths that occur due to firearms.  Laudable intentions but are any of the measures truly the best method to solving the problem?   Effective solutions come about from fully understanding what the core problem is and then when the problem statement can ...[read more]

Change the System not the Standards!

Change the System not the Standards! By Ron Russo, CRI Executive Director 3/28/2019   In a recent guest column, Atnre Alleyne (Executive Director of DelawareCAN) identified the obstacles faced by many students trying to gain admission to some of the state’s best schools.  Nonpublic schools had high tuitions, high performing charter schools had admission preferences, and successful traditional public schools were located in areas with expensive housing.  Even if the obstacles were removed there wouldn’t be enough seats for everyone.   The solution is to take what makes the successful schools successful and insert it into all tradit...[read more]


THE UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE IN TRANSITION A common theme among the current candidates for the position of mayor of the City of Newark is the call for improved dialogue with the University of Delaware. The impression is that the University is growing rapidly and having a bigger footprint in the life of the City. Do the facts bear this out? Over the past ten years (2009-19) total enrollment at the University has increased 17.6%, led by an 18.6% jump in undergraduate enrollment. The primary driver of this enrollment rise appears to be financial. State of Delaware operating budget support of the University is currently $120.7 million. The severe recession of 2007-08 put a ...[read more]

Delaware's statewide property tax update

3/11/2019 DATA DELAWARE:  Delaware's statewide property tax update Senate Bill 50, the Del Tech carve-out, is dead. State Senator Colin Bonini provided the leadership in defeating it! Today, the State Senator from the 16th District, makes his first of a two part visit addressing the looming court case that might bring property reassessment and a statewide property tax to Delaware. In this interview, Colin begins to explain how he might be able to front-run that decision and avert the tax tsunami he sees coming. For his interview CLICK ON PODCAST LINK BELOW...

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