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The Federal Government's Good News

How about some good news for a change? The revolution in energy production in the United States is all good. The US Energy Information Agency Annual Energy Outlook 2015 is out with an encouraging forecast that extends to 2040.
• By 2020 total energy production and consumption will be essentially equal, compared to a 30% shortfall in production as recently as 2007.
• Gasoline prices will not go over $3.00/gallon until 2030, in inflation adjusted dollars, with energy prices in general will only go up about 1%/year.
• Electricity prices will increase 0.6%/year with a big part of the increase caused by using more expensive solar and wind power along with new transmission and distribution lines needed to incorporate renewable power into the grid.
• The amount of carbon dioxide emissions only increases 2.6% by 2040, primarily because of better efficiency, despite population increasing 20% to 380 million, and Real GDP almost doubling.
• Coal drops from providing 52% of our electric power in 2000 to 34% in 2040, and nuclear drops from 20 % to 16%, while natural gas jumps from 16% to 31%, and wind & solar grows from 0% to 8% (86% of that is wind) over the same time period.
That summarizes a 154 page report on energy use.

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