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(Pictured: Delaware Legislative Hall, Dover, DE)

January 14, 2019: DNREC continues to simply ignore Bloom Energy’s hazardous...

DNREC continues to simply ignore Bloom Energy’s hazardous waste!!!   Despite serious concerns about poisonous waste, DNREC turned last Thursday’s Bloom Energy hearing into a high school pep rally.    CRI Policy Director Dave Stevenson also says Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control continues to ignore – simply ignore – the Bloom Energy hazardous waste issues!    For perspective, the old Bloom Boxes (collectively) weigh over 6 MILLION POUNDS!!! Be prepared to be scared, as in this interview Stevenson explains how the State of Delaware continues to igno ...
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January 12, 2019: Uneasy questions linger about Delaware's - taxpayer...

Uneasy questions linger about Delaware's - taxpayer supported - stock exchange!   The DBOT is an ugly and ongoing story. However, New Castle County Council President Karen Hartley-Nagle continues to press for answers.    And last Tuesday executives from the Delaware Board of Trade visited the County Council. Unfortunately, the meeting ended the way it started.   Still Council Pres Nagle wants to know...   Why was she denied financial documents?    Why was taxpayer money used, if there was a legal opinion suggesting taxpayer money shouldn't be lent?    Since public fun...[read more]

January 11, 2019: CRI’s Healthcare Recommendations follow-up

Analysis in CRI’s “Delaware Health Care Initiative” paper clearly evidences that due to a lack of competition, Delaware has among the highest priced health care in the nation. And more evidence of the consequences of the lack of competition is surfacing.   Last week, the News Journal reported that Christiana Care has been charged in Federal District Court for providing kickbacks to independent doctors in exchange for lucrative Medicaid patient referrals. This may help to explain why state Medicaid charges to the Delaware General Fund are rising at 7% to 8% a year, currently close to $750 million.   In 2005, Christiana Care settled a similar case of Med...[read more]

January 7, 2019: CRI’s Healthcare Recommendations!

Delaware Health Care Initiative Main points by Dr. Stacie Beck, CRI Board Member John Toedtman, CRI Advisory Council Member January 6, 2019     Delaware is besieged by runaway health care prices.   According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Delaware ranks 3rd among the states in health care expenditures per capita. Delaware ranks 4th in hospital adjusted expenses per day and 2nd in mail order prescription drugs per capita.   The State ranks 3rd in Medicaid physician fees relative to the nation’s average and 3rd in Medicaid spending per aged enrollee (i.e., $21,255 per enrollee). Delaware is 11th in Medicare spending per enrollee. &...[read more]

December 21, 2018: Don’t Ask the Poor to Pay for Your Electric vehicle

Don’t Ask the Poor to Pay for Your Electric vehicle by David T. Stevenson, Policy Director 12/21/2018   The Delaware Electric Vehicle Association responded to my article claiming EVs are a very expensive way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  Interestingly the response doesn’t really dispute that claim.    I compared the cost difference of an electricity powered Chevy Bolt to a very similar gasoline fueled Chevy Cruze and found the emission savings cost over $1,500 a ton,  The Bolt cost almost twice as much for a very small emission savings.  For perspective, electricity generators paid under $5 a ton for emission allowances in Se...[read more]

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