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(Pictured: Delaware Legislative Hall, Dover, DE)

February 12, 2019: Taxation without Representation - SB 50

TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION:  SB 50 By David T. Stevenson, CRI Policy Director  2/13/2019   SB50 adds the ability of Delaware Technical & Community College to assess a property tax in each county to repay tax free bonds for capital improvement projects at the college in each county.  Property taxes raised in each county can only be spent in each county to avoid a Constitutional conflict.     The problems are: it opens a Pandora’s Box to the state collecting property taxes for multiple purposes.  Progressives are eying more state uses for property taxes.  Senator Bryan Townsend has been pushing a state property ...
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February 12, 2019: Delaware ranks a precarious 36th

ALEC’s widely followed Rich States, Poor States publication was just released.    According to the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Chief Economist Jonathan Williams, not that long ago Delaware was ranked 25th, we’re now 36th, and it's highly conceivable – if the talked about policies in Dover are embraced – we’ll tumble near the bottom.    For the unpleasant story CLICK ON PODCAST LINK BELOW...(pictured:  Jonathan Williams)

February 7, 2019: Bloom Energy in Korea

Bloom Energy in Korea DATE : 2/7/2019 David T. Stevenson, Policy Director   Bloom Energy has announced a partnership with SK Engineering & Construction to distribute their Bloom Boxes manufactured in Delaware in South Korea.  The distributor is part of the third largest conglomerate in South Korea.  South Korea has made one of the largest commitments in the world to installing fuel cell systems powered by natural gas in its electric grid to replace coal to lower air pollution.  The significant premium cost of the fuel cell systems is offset with national tariff subsidies equal to 80 percent of the cost of power with some local governments offsetting another 10...[read more]

February 4, 2019: The BOLD Plan, solving Delaware’s education crisis

SOLVING THE EDUCATION DILEMMA Written by Ron Russo 2/1/2019   Many worthwhile improvements have been made to increase the educational performance of Delaware’s students. We have experienced Visions, Races, increased resources, more administrators and support staff. The dilemma is that despite these worthwhile efforts there has been no significant education improvement in over 30 years!   The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) shows that from 1999 to 2017 our 8th graders’ progress has been flat with two-thirds functionally illiterate in math and reading. The Alliance for Excellent Education reports only 34% are college ready. Recently lo...[read more]

January 29, 2019: Bloom Energy’s 'Tangled Web'

Bloom Energy’s ‘Tangled Web’   By Paul Driessen and Clint Laird (originally published on 9/22/2018 by   Bloom Energy executives, investment bankers, venture capitalists, politicians, regulators and others involved in advancing Bloom’s business, reputation and financial dealings are living the complicated life that flows from lying. Lies typically start small. Often, they’re small deceptions. But deceptions can metastasize into a tangled web of lies that threatens corporate survival, as truth intrudes over time from all sides.   For years the truth about Bloom’s business and ethics has intruded. But Bloo...[read more]

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