CRI Board of Directors

Dr. Stacie Beck

Board Member

Dr. Stacie Beck is an Associate Professor of economics at the University of Delaware. She has been with the University since 1986. Stacie earned a B.S. in Economics from Boston College and her economics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1987. She has nearly a dozen research publications in peer-reviewed journals such as the Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Economic Education, and Journal of Applied Econometrics. She is an editorial board member of Eastern Economics Journal.
A review of her work: Research Publications
"Globalization and Labor Force Participation," Journal of Economic Integration, V33 N3, Sept 2018 (joint with Soodong Park)
"Measuring Tax Effects in Open Economies: The Example of the States of the US" in working papers.
"Tax Effects on the Real Exchange Rate" (joint with Cagay Coskuner, Eastern Mediterranean University) Review of International Economics 15:854-868, 2007
"High Inflation Episode of 1996-97 and the Bulgarian Currency Board" (joint with Jeffrey Miller, University of Delaware) International Journal of Development Economics 4:95-121, 2005
"The Cost of Financial Capital: Evidence from Selected Caribbean Countries" (joint with Carlton Augustine, Howard University) International Journal of Development Economics 4:83-100, 2005
"Money as Real Options in a Cash-in-Advance Economy" (joint with David R. Stockman, University of Delaware) Economic Letters 87:337-345, 2005
"Commodity Storability and Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity," Journal of Applied Econometrics 16:115-132, 2001
"The Effect of Budget Deficits on Exchange Rates: Evidence From Five Industrialized Economies," Journal of Economics and Business, December 1994, 46:397-408.
"Cointegration and Market Efficiency in Commodities Futures Markets," Applied Economics, March 1994, 26: 249-258.
"A Tests of the Intertemporal Hedging Theory of Commodities Futures Markets," Journal of Futures Markets, May 1993, 13: 223-236.
"Ricardian Equivalence Proposition: Evidence from Foreign Exchange Markets," Journal of International Money and Finance, April 1993, 12: 154-169.
"A Rational Expectations Model of Time Varying Risk Premiums in Commodities Futures Markets: Theory and Evidence," International Economic Review, February 1993, 34: 149-168.
Working Papers and Other Publications "Money Neutrality: The Case of Japan" (with Saswati Mahapatra)
"Tax Effects on International Trade" (with Alexis Chaves)
"Tax Effects on Foreign Direct Investment" (with Alexis Chaves)
"Theory of Tax Effects on International Trade and FDI"
"The Option Value of Liquidity"