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As Delaware goes forth with an eye toward job creation and a revived economy, few legislative actions could be as harmful as irrevocably changing the employer/employee relationship by replacing our existing Employment at Will standard with the labor union endorsed Good Cause requirement. If passed, this law could stifle job creation and cause many Delaware employers to relocate in other states. Just as importantly, many companies who are currently considering relocation to Delaware, which is what we need at this pivotal moment in our economic stagnation, are waiting to see the outcome of this legislation (HB 18). We can be assured that their attorneys will advise against coming here should it be signed into law. The Caesar Rodney Institute is prepared to offer better solutions to bring our economy roaring back to vibrancy. We will promote public policy that is conducive to a healthy economy and we will offer debate on policy that adversely impacts the ability of entrepreneurs and business owners to flourish. Free-market solutions for our economic problems...that is the Caesar Rodney Institute.


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