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March 1, 2022 
(Article published on 3/8/2022 by Delaware State News
"Delaware's Center for Education Excellence hires new leader."
CRI welcomes new Education Director
NEWARK, DE - The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) is pleased to announce Dr. Tanya Hettler, Ph.D., to serve as the director of the Center for Education Excellence. As director, Dr. Hettler will lead policy research efforts for an important and much-needed overhaul of Delaware's K-12 public education system that has consistently failed students over the past 15 years.
"We are excited to have Dr. Hettler join us at CRI. Education is at the center of our state's growth and long-term success. We look forward to her driving thoughtful analysis and collaboration with the education community."
-Matt Lenzini, chairman of Caesar Rodney Institute
Dr. Hettler has a strong background in counseling, education, and community development. She received her B.A. in psychology from Pennsylvania State University and her M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Delaware. She has several years of experience as a psychological clinician. After raising her two children, Dr. Hettler became increasingly involved in education, running for her school board and committing to greater transparency and improved academic outcomes. She also teaches, writes, and runs a blog.
"I have spent the last three years writing for my blog "Deep Thoughts with Dr. Tanya," focusing on counseling, family, and parenting issues. Over the last year, I have increased my focus on education issues due to running for the local school board. Through this experience, my eyes have been further opened to the many needs in education in Delaware, and I have been writing to inform our citizens of these problems and their potential solutions.
I am very excited to join the team at the the director of the Center for Education Excellence and continue my work." -Dr. Hettler


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