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March 10, 2022
(Also published on 3/11/2022 by Delaware Business Now  and on 3/25/2022 by Delaware State News.)
Good for California, not suitable for Delaware
NEWARK, DE - Today, the Caesar Rodney Institute joins 28 other organizations in an open letter responding to states adopting zero emission vehicle (ZEV) rules based on an example from California
Governor Carney recently announced he would adopt California's zero emission vehicle requirements for Delaware with no legislative support for his action. (This means 100% electric vehicles in Delaware in 13 years.)
The open letter "Stop California Style Regulations and Bans" strongly urges states NOT to follow California's executive order process with adopting the ZEV program. The signers point out California is not like other states due to its size and population:
"California is the largest state in the country. While the costs to California would be shared among millions of residents, and the geographic limits cross-border competition, most of the 16 other states would put themselves at a further economic disadvantage with neighboring states if these bans were implemented."
Additionally, the open letter warns citizens and legislators of the impact of following California's process of the executive order with the ZEV regulations:
"Authorization to join in California's bans is not coming from elected legislatures or the people through direct democracy. It comes from governors and unelected bureaucrats, regardless of legal requirements.
It sets a bad precedent for state governments to circumvent a process which incorporates citizens' input. Please understand that, at its core, banning products during a 40 year high of inflation rates and during a global pandemic is a poor concept that is fundamentally economically damaging, and places an unnecessary financial burden on people who can least afford it."
We encourage you to read and share the full open letter HERE.


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