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October 20, 2020
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) had released the "Employment Data" report by major industry through August 2020.
It clearly shows that Delaware’s economy will not have a healthy recovery growth rate unless PHASE 3 gets introduced.
Additionally, the data points out that DE's government (state, local, federal) has been less affected than DE's leisure and hospitality (restaurants) industries.
"Delaware Total Employment"-see below Chart 1According to the U.S. BLS, total employment in Delaware in January 2019 is equal to 100. The drop caused by COVID starts in April of 2020. Most importantly, during the recent three months, total Delaware employment has been slowly increasing. The rebound in Delaware’s economy is losing steam, with total employment stalling at a level 8% below January 2019.
Delaware’s construction, manufacturing, professional business services, and healthcare industries all follow the same pattern as total employment. Jobs in these industries are 8% below January 2019, and growth is stalling.
"Delaware Leisure and Hospitality (restaurants)"-see below Chart 2Delaware’s leisure and hospitality industry, primarily restaurants, has also recently stalled but at a whopping 24% below January 2019. Restaurant jobs fell almost 60% in April 2020, the most extensive loss of any Delaware industry.
"Delaware Government (local, state, federal)"-see below Chart 3Delaware government is the only industry back to its level from January of 2019
In conclusion, Delaware’s total employment has climbed back from falling to a low of 17% compared to January 2019. But the rate of recovery has moderated, and it is time for a change in State government policies, especially as the impact of COVID eases. The impact on Delaware’s lower-income workers is particularly severe. It is time for Phase 3.
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Chart 1: Delaware Total Employment
CHART 2: Delaware Leisure and Hospitality (Restaurants)
CHART 3: Delaware Government (State, Local, Federal)


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