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People vote with their dollars
June 23, 2020
Environmental groups claim widespread support for more energy efficient smaller vehicles, and expensive electric vehicles that are generally compact cars. This release from the U.S. Energy Information Agency shows how Americans are actually voting with their dollars. 
Car and light duty truck/SUV's sales in the January to April period historically were about equal through good times and bad, but since 2015 car sales have fallen by about half while light duty trucks/SUV's have picked up the difference. This disconnect in what people say and do shows up elsewhere. 
About two-thirds of people say in surveys they would pay an extra $10 a month on their electric bills for 100% wind and solar power. However, only about 3% do so when actually given the choice to do so. 
Apparently, virtue signaling is cheap, matching its worthless value.
The chart also highlights the economic cost of our recent lockdowns for the COVID virus confirming about a 50% hit to the economy that has also shown up in air pollution data.


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