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School Freedom Billboard Initiative Sparks Urgent Call for Education Reform in Delaware



(Newark, DE., March 28, 2024)-The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) announces the launch of the School Freedom Billboard Initiative, a groundbreaking campaign to raise awareness and spark action to improve education performance in Delaware. The initiative's billboard, now prominently displayed on Interstate 95 south of Wilmington, DE, seeks to rally parents and community members to demand better educational outcomes for their children.



"The School Freedom Billboard Initiative serves as a visual reminder of the urgent need for reform and the power of community action. As the billboard stands tall on Interstate 95, the Caesar Rodney Institute calls on all Delawareans to join the movement for educational excellence." 


--John Toedtman, CRI Executive Director



Despite anecdotal evidence suggesting satisfaction with schools among parents, data analysis conducted by CRI reveals a starkly different reality. 



"The data tell us otherwise. Our analysis indicates that schools are performing poorly and, in some cases, horribly. Our mission is to awaken parents in greater Wilmington to advocate for better education performance. We believe that by mobilizing parents to pressure the Department of Education and School Boards, we can drive meaningful change and ensure every child has access to a quality education."


-- Dr. Tanya Hettler, PhD, CRI Director Center for Education Excellence



For more information on the School Freedom Billboard Initiative and how you can get involved, please CLICK HERE.


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Maintaining billboards is costly, and we're committed to extending the presence of our current one on I-95 just south of Wilmington, DE, beyond our initial contract period. Additionally, we aim to install new billboards on I-95 in Newark and on Rt. 1 in Kent or Sussex counties.


Your support in covering the expenses associated with these billboards is invaluable to us. By doing so, you'll ensure that the Delaware Department of Education and other influential stakeholders cannot ignore the urgent needs of students in our public schools who struggle with reading and math proficiency.


Every donation you make today will directly contribute to funding these billboards.


Thank you in advance for your support!




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