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Dear Friends, Associates, and Donors:   As of the close of business today, Friday, August 2, 2013 my tenure with the Caesar Rodney Institute ends. After five and a half years of affiliation serving as a Founding Director, Chairman & CEO and most recently, as acting Executive Vice President, it is important that the new crew on the ship’s bridge not include a holdover navigator.   When I was approached by the founder of CRI, Bradley Berg, in March of 2008 to become the third member of the original group of directors, I accepted without hesitation - fully subscribing to the stated objective of Freedom and Prosperity through Knowledge.     As an added incentive, I assumed that we would have the typical directors meetings around a walnut conference table, sipping a fine brandy and smoking good cigars. The former reason for involvement never changed – the latter, unfortunately, did not materialize. Perhaps next time!   The importance of maintaining the viability of CRI is more critical than ever. The inherent threat to the residents of Delaware being governed by a single party without    challenge by a credible “loyal opposition” is great.   Transparency is essential for voters to evaluate their elected official’s performance. The Caesar Rodney Institute is the prmier organization that is fully committed to fulfilling that need and defining alternative means to correct poor public policy.   I am honored to have been associated with CRI and offer my most sincere thanks to all who have served as board members, volunteers and our many donors who have made the Caesar Rodney Institute what it is today. I wish the leadership the very best of success in the years ahead and urge all to continue to support CRI with your time, talent and treasure.   In an early effort to set forth my view of the relationship between Governors and the Governed, I wrote the short piece attached. My assessments, unfortunately, have proven to be valid. I hope you will take a moment to read it.   Thank you again for your support and with my best personal regards.   Sincerely,   Barrett E. Kidner   Read the document which began it all! View Barretts original paper explaining why CRI was started by clicking on the link below.


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