CRI Team

John R. Toedtman

Executive Director

John started his business career in 1970 at Engelhard Industries, the world’s largest precious metals company. Appointed Group Vice President, Metallurgical Group at 28, youngest in Fortune 100 company.
From 1976 to present, his career encompassed investment banking/corporate finance in smaller broker-dealers on and off for 8 years and the rest of the time in senior operating management positions in early-stage tech companies specializing in medical device, diagnostics, healthcare IT, and sterile injectables. He’s been on the Board of Directors of 7 generally smaller public companies, founded several tech companies, knows corporate governance, securities regs, and entrepreneurship.
Graduated from Georgetown University undergrad and graduate school in economics and International Economics, respectively. He lives in Lewes, DE.
At the present time, he is an advisor to the American Hospital Assoc. sponsored venture fund in reviewing potential investments in medical companies.
John has five delightful children and nine even more delightful grandchildren. His hobbies have always included public policy, so what better place to be than Caesar Rodney Institute.