COVID Updates

On-Air w/WDEL: "Masks and Playing Sports" (9/10/2020)

Local Talk Radion station, WDEL, Rick Jensen interviews CRI's Director of Health Policy, Dr. Casscells. Topic:  "Masks and Playing Sports."  CLICK HERE to listen to their conversation on YouTube or scroll down and click on their picture below.
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Is a COVID-19 Vaccine the Cure?

By Dr. Christopher Casscells August 15, 2020   To date, there has never been a successful cold or flu vaccine, but only a "moderately" successful flu vaccine that temporarily improves the ability to fight off the virus. Knowing this about the cold or flu vaccine should lead ...
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COVID-19 Lockdowns Impact on Ozone Pollution

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 18, 2020   NEWARK, DE - David Stevenson, Director of the Center for Energy & Environmental Policy at the Caesar Rodney Institute, has released a study revealing how much ozone is manmade and how much is just nature.     ...
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