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Enough is Enough
By CRI Team
October 30, 2020
(2-minute read)
"Wherever law ends, tyranny begins..."- John Locke, 1689
The open-ended rule of all aspects of everyone’s life in Delaware by an unaccountable Governor Carney under a flawed Emergency Executive Power law is tyranny.
Frequent telephone conversations between the Governor and Speaker of the House Schwartzkopf and Senate Majority Leader Poore is not governing per our States constitution, but merely an echo chamber of the ruling party.
The times and circumstances demand that Governor Carney, under his emergency powers, call an emergency three-day session of the entire Legislature for the following purposes:
  • Debate and negotiate a time limit for Executive Emergency Power, such as two or three months after which Legislative approval is needed for any extension.
  • Debate and negotiate specific metrics for re-opening the economy and return to in-person school classes. Based upon hospitalizations, not cases.
The initial and appropriate step taken at the federal and state level to “shut down” the economy was designed to “bend the curve” of the spread of the virus and prevent the hospitals from being overwhelmed by sick patients.
According to the Delaware Department of Health, that point was reached in April 2020 when hospitalizations peaked at 337 patients and have plummeted to less than 100 since June. It recently jumped to 100 in October. With 1500 hospital beds in the state, why the hand-wringing panic?
The mantra in Delaware and the nearby states (NY, NJ, PA, CT) joined for coordinated policies has become “Slow the Spread”………until when?
When you have a vaccine for the general public, perhaps mid-next year?
When drug overdoses and suicides exceed the COVID deaths?
When students’ social development and learning proficiency collapse even more?
When unemployment in our state’s hospitality sector gets so bad, you get riots?
Seven months of data and understanding by medical professionals from the CDC yield the following generally agreed on policy drivers:
§ Protect the elderly and those with underlying conditions such as diabetes, respiratory ailments, the obese.
§ The very young and younger adults are much less likely to contract COVID-19 and recover quickly without the need for hospitalization.
§ Tracking the number of cases is not a good predictor of hospitalizations (a spike in cases in Georgetown among poultry workers resulted in negligible hospitalizations since they were young and otherwise healthy, whereas a spike in Milford early on was matched by high hospitalizations and deaths since they were in a nursing home).
§ Delaware’s recent change of data reporting from “persons tested” to “tests administered” now matches the method used by CDC, neighboring states, and Johns Hopkins and will lower the “new cases” percentage number. Now Delaware won’t be on the interstate quarantine list so often. Adding the fact that we tested each healthy front-line hospital worker ten times a month is not particularly useful information for predicting anything.
§ Not opening the economy and in-person learning causes demonstrable damage to a wide spectrum of the public and particularly K-12 children.
§ People should know that the FDA rules for vaccine approval are “safe” (acceptable level of side effects) and “effective” (threshold efficacy of 50%-60%), so it’s a big help but not a panacea.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the significant 2.8% drop in New York’s unemployment rate last month was mostly because 363,000 persons “gave up looking for a job” and statistically are removed from the” unemployed.”
Same factors at work in the recent decline of Delaware’s unemployment rate (US Bureau of Labor and Statistics): drop-in labor participation, hours worked, and average pay. Pretty cynical when the politicians take credit for the lower unemployment rate on the backs of desperate citizens.
This destruction of the lives of the lowest-paid workers in Delaware will continue unless the Governor moves to Phase 3 ASAP. Absent some significant event or pushback, it looks like the Carney tyranny will stretch well into next year.