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... | 11/28/2018

No other organization in Delaware does what we do at the Caesar Rodney Institute: provide in-depth, non-partisan analyses of public policy issues and advocate in Dover for better policies_OLD related to economics, the state budget, energy issues and education policy. Every day CRI makes a difference in Delaware. You can help by investing in the CRI policy Center that focuses on the issues of most concern to you.  CRI is a 501(c)(3) , so your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted under the law.     Providing Delaware Students the Best Education   Led by Jim Hosley, our Director of the Center for Education Excellence, we are pushing for Delaware to adopt Education Savings Accounts so lower income and special needs children and their families in poorly performing schools can choose to send their child to a school suited for them at no extra cost to them or taxpayers. We have launched a new school board project to make sure concerned citizens interested in protecting charter schools and improving education run for their local school board. We must make sure our school boards function well and follow fiscally sound policies_OLD.   Yes! I would like to invest in improving our childrens education with a contribution to CRI of $50  $150  $250    $500. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.    Energy policies_OLD to Encourage Business & Control Electricity Costs      David Stevenson, our Energy Center Director, regularly appears before the Public Service Commission to prevent your energy costs from rising  unnecessarily. Dave provides analysis of complex energy issues, such as the Bloom Energy project, works to prevent your tax dollars from being used for energy schemes that cause electric bills to rise, thereby discouraging growth in Delaware businesses. Energy policy in Delaware no longer goes unchallenged: David Stevenson and CRI  makes sure that your voice is heard. To see a brief list of the ways Dave has saved you money on your utility bill, please CLICK HERE.   Yes! I would like to make sure CRI keeps working for lower energy prices by making a contribution of $50   $150  $250   $500. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.    Economic policies_OLD to Get Delawares Economy Moving Again   Delawares economy needs a boost of growth oriented policies_OLD. Dr. John Stapleford, Director of the Center for Economic Policy & Analysis, advocates for lower taxes, elimination of the requirement to join a union for taxpayer-supported jobs, and reform of Delawares wasteful Prevailing Wage law that costs us $200 million each year in unnecessary spending. All of us at CRI are working hard on these issues and we will change Delaware and get our economy moving again with your help.   Yes! I will help CRI push for policies_OLD which will put Delaware back to work with a donation to CRI of $50   $150  $250  $500. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.             Thank you for all of your support in the past that has helped CRI to accomplish so much and I thank you in advance for your help now. If you have any questions, please contact us at: Or give us a call at: (302) 734-2700   Best regards, Jim Ursomarso Chairman & CEO


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