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The ‘trans endemic’ as a health policy crisis

Is ‘Gender Ablation’ Indicated or Ethical as Policy?

C.D. Casscells, M.D. | 8/28/2023

The United States is experiencing an endemic health crisis. There is a regional outbreak (on both the East and West coasts) of young girls self-identifying as “trans.”
Previously, in 2018, according to the U.S. National Health Interview Survey on sexual orientation, 97.3% of men and 96.8% of women identify as “straight,” 1.9% of men identify as “gay,” 1.4% of women identify as “lesbian,” and 0.8% of men and 1.8% of women identify as “bisexual.”
Also, recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in California and New York, as much as 20% of teenagers are self-reporting broadly as “transsexual,” neither heterosexual, homosexual, nor bisexual.
Why? Has basic biology changed?
This is of course, not plausible historically, genetically, biologically, nor anthropologically.
This is only possible linguistically and, therefore, culturally.
No. There are still only two biological genders, as there have been for 300 million years.
However, there is a misleading argument that there are other combinations of chromosomes other than XX and XY, such as XXY, XO, and mutations such as TFM (Testicular Feminization), but these are unsustainable sterile mutations and are statistically zero percent of the population given rounding error to the thousandth of one percent. Evolution eliminates them.
The chromosome Y modulates the activity of every cell in the male body regardless of brain perception of gender. Even cilia, microcellular elements, have either male or female gender.
The effect of any given drug on any given cell or organ in the human body can be gravely different depending on whether that cell is male or female.
On a cellular level, there is no continuum of gender. It is binary, male or female.
So gender fluidity is a debunked theory, originated by John Money, Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, who experimented on, and arguably tortured a child, Bruce Reimer, in the 1960s to prove it. After years of gender conditioning as a female (Brenda), Reimer committed suicide. Money fabricated his research results. Yet, his “bio-contrarian theory” of gender fluidity thrived in the “unscientific” social sciences. In this experiment, societal influences failed miserably to happily alter gender. What persisted in the psychology literature was Money’s gender language which was fashioned out of whole cloth by unethical “research,” with made-up data that was fraudulently presented. Like B. F. Skinner, Money favored “Nurture” over “Nature”.
Unfortunately to attempt to chemically alter with drugs the behavior of a male cell to that of a female cell is more accurately described as poisoning, in that the chemicals stop normal cellular functioning.
Similarly, removing body parts surgically because of a perceptual issue is clearly malpractice, i.e., knowingly amputating the healthy body part instead of treating the diseased organ, in this case, the brain (e.g., “Do No Harm.”)
Why, then, is this happening?
Firstly, there is the money. There are always some people who will do anything for money, sadly including doctors. Fame and notoriety follow close behind. Trans chemotherapy is profitable as is trans plastic surgery. Dr. Milton Edgerton became famous for doing the surgeries that John Money, Ph.D. recommended. As a medical student, I examined many of those unhappy souls as patients in the late 1970s. We tested the patients (with MMPI) and routinely found psychiatric disease before and after surgery. There was no improvement post-operatively. The surgery doesn’t work. If you think surgery is going to cure psychiatric disease, you are wrong.
Secondly, there has been a hijacking of language, which is common practice in the culture wars. Transvestite is a term to describe primarily cross-dressing men, which is a fetish wherein men derive sexual stimulation from wearing women’s clothes. Different, but often thought of as similar, is women dressing as men, which is traditionally thought of as projecting power, as opposed to for sexual arousal.
Transsexual is very different. This is the traditional term for the rare condition of gender dysphoria wherein the brain suffers from the persistent delusion that the body is the wrong sex. Gender dysphoria historically is predominantly a male disease. The “gender dysphoria” group is heavily populated by homosexuals who are also homophobic. In other words, they are unwilling to accept their homosexuality, so they psychologically default to believing they are a female. Beyond this, true gender dysphoria is exceedingly rare.
Within today’s “gender dysphoria” group are myriad other psychiatric diseases, the affective disorders (manic, depressive, and bipolar) and the psychoses (schizophrenias). Personality disorders are often known to include arrested personality development, borderline personality, sociopathic, and psychopathic. All of these share hopelessness and depression. Many of these are exacerbated by outside forces such as isolation, drugs, bullying, stress, and video games. Gender dysphoria can be an escape diagnosis to avoid self-loathing.
The current bicoastal epidemic is uniquely socially contagious.
The affected population is young girls, so brilliantly researched and described by Abigail Schrier in the 2020 book, Irreversible Damage. This is the new cultural contagion sterilizing and mutilating a significant proportion of this generation of girls, largely driven by compliant teachers, social workers, and psychologists. Unethical hospitals, clinics, and doctors have profited. Predators on social media have taken advantage of the vulnerable. Sophisticated networks of social media emotionally accept, groom and coach unhappy teens in what to say and do to gain access to hormonal chemotherapy and surgery. They are encouraged online to threaten suicide to get their way, holding their parents hostage emotionally.
There is no similarity between transsexual (gender dysphoria) and transvestitism (fetishism) other than the prefix “trans,” a language term to indicate the “opposite.” They all are distinct pathologies.
There is also no reason to lump lesbian, gay, and bisexual with “trans” other than to coalesce a group of small subsets for political or cultural clout despite their stark dissimilarities.
The alphabet soup acronym LGBTQIA+ implies shared minority persecution status. Except that gay, lesbian and bisexual groups are not just mainstream in today’s culture, they are celebrated. Trans may aspire to this status but ideologically there are stark conflicts, just as there are with feminism. And if they all share some sexual or gender minority status then why aren’t pedophiles and rapists included? Obviously it is because this is a social movement and, as yet, pedophiles and rapists remain abhorrent.
So, in essence, we have a regional outbreak of psychiatric disease, dysmorphia, seemingly triggered by isolation and lack of socialization in the youth population.
Correlation does not prove causation EXCEPT in the absence of any other factor. Notably, the combination of school closures, lockdowns, and the meteoric rise of malignant social media is the obvious culprit harming children.
The perfect storm of social media, screen addiction, and COVID-19 lockdown social isolation created an unprecedented pool of psychologically vulnerable children ripe for cultish predators who seem accepting and loving, until you try to leave the cult and detransition, when they turn vicious and cruel. De-transitioners who are growing in number, tell horrific tales of cruelty and hate on social media.
The perverse argument “Would you rather have a live ‘trans’ boy or a dead girl?” completely perverts the statistics. There is no clearly identifiable risk factor for actual suicide attempts within the Trans population. But there is a notable increase in suicidal ideation, which I believe is the result of internet coaching. There is a clear decrease in suicide with access to appropriate psychological counselling. No such long term improvement has been demonstrated with puberty blockers, cross hormone treatment or genital ablating sterilizing surgery.
Suicide rates are worse with these transitions than with convention-supported psychotherapy.
Kids outgrow the “trans” fad. Guilt-ridden parents of unhappy children are increasingly tempted to adopt the canard that the gender is wrong as an excuse for a myriad of other school, family problems or conflicts. The truth is that the vast majority of gender questioning resolves spontaneously. Of those with persistent dysphoria, counseling and psychotherapy are universally successful, while hormonal chemotherapy and puberty blockers are fraught with complications, usually irreversible with arrested brain and bone development.
And transsexual surgery has a zero percent long-term success rate at converting boys to girls and girls to boys. The simple truth is that there is no “gender affirming care,” medicinal nor surgical. Those pretending to offer such “care” are actually performing gender ablation, removing the trappings of sexuality and irreversibly creating a subgroup minority of genderless victims with persistent psychiatric disease, who will never have children and may never have any sexual life at all. They are neither male nor female. Meanwhile, these children are being denied proven effective counseling and therapy and the chance to grow out of it.


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