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Offshore wind too ugly for the Hamptons but OK for other beach resorts?

David T. Stevenson, Policy Director | 5/4/2021

Officials in New York and the Federal Government determined that the proposed offshore wind turbine lease area off the Hamptons is too close and ruins the serene ocean viewshed. They also noted it is a threat to navigation, fishing, and endangered marine mammals. 
The Fairway lease areas sit as close as 12 miles off the Long Island coast near the Hamptons.
In official comments to the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) submitted July 30, 2018, New York suggested the wind turbines be no closer than 20 miles from shore. This recommendation was based upon an earlier study by BOEM that concluded that 600-foot-high turbines produced a "dominate impact "on the beach view 15 miles offshore.
Adjusting for the new 50% taller turbines, the suggested distance from the shore should be 30 miles. In Europe, the closest lease area for these jumbo turbines is 44 miles out.  CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE.


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