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The tragedy of the Obamacare rollout


The news is that the rollout of Obamacare is a disaster, and by any measure widely known it is just that, a screw-up. Do you remember Ali getting destroyed by Frasier in the first few rounds? The strategy became known as Rope-a-Dope. Ali won. We can learn from Ali and history. This "failure" of Obamacare is nothing of the sort. It is brilliant and successful.   One must judge the progress by the stated end goals. Barrack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi, as well as both Rahm and Ezekial Emmanual and Saul Alinsky have all unequivocally stated that the end goal is a single payer system of Socialized Medicine. The necessary elements of this goal are 1. The failure, and deconstruction of the health insurance industry, the forcing of individuals into the government system, the reduction of available health resources, and finally the forcing of everyone into  Medicare and Medicaid systems as the only remaining option.   Let us do a point count, here at half time. 6 people signed up for Obamacare, day one, 148 by day three. 6,000,000 people were given insurance termination notices in October, by health insurance companies whose products have been decertified by the government ACA requirements. The ACA and GSA predict 11,000,000 will lose their chosen coverage and be forced into Obamacare by January 11,2014,. Actuaries put that number at 43,000,000 who will lose their coverage. 43 million! The stated goal was to insure 16 million uninsured, and 7/10ths of a million pre-existing condition "uninsurable".   Here is the second half. Experienced doctors will retire. Hospitals who are not a part of "the network" will close. Service which are wanted and needed will not be available to all but the wealthy or best-connected few. 1/6 of the US economy will fail to function properly (because government tends to function poorly). There will more money wasted on government red-tape and bureaucrats and less money spent on actual health care. Chiefly, old people will pass away earlier and will not have a choice about it, saving the government money. Increasingly, the cost pressure will drive the governments inefficient process to eliminate the costly end of life care,   Some 5 years ago, I wrote a speculative piece entitled "Culling the Herd" in which I prayed to be proven wrong. I am saddened to have been correct.   Dr.Casscells, Director. Center for Healthcare Policy


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