CRI Virtual Discussion with Best-Selling Author and Lawyer Philip Howard

CRI Virtual Discussion with Best-Selling Author and Lawyer Philip Howard | Tuesday, November 10th 4:00-5:00 P.M. Eastern

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EVENT DETAIL: America's law system has morphed from a set of limited rules intended to provide the framework needed to maintain a civil society into an intrusive, burdensome web of autocratic rules that have eroded freedom. Impractical ideologies have failed us, and it's time that we discuss practical solutions to our problems. Join us as CRI Board Chair Matt Lenzini interviews Philip Howard and we will discuss his new book, "Try Common Sense," and his approach to fixing our dysfunctional and overly litigious system.
Best-Selling Author and Senior Counsel @Covington & Burling, LLP
Philip K. Howard is a well-known leader of government and legal reform in America. A lawyer and bestselling author, he is the founder of the bipartisan Campaign for Common Good. His books include the national bestseller, The Death of Common Sense, and, most recently, Try Common Sense. His 2010 TED Talk has been viewed more than 700,000 times. The son of a minister, Howard got his start working summers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for Nobel laureate Eugene Wigner and has been active in public affairs his entire adult life. He is a prominent civic leader in New York City and has advised national political leaders of both parties on legal and regulatory reform, as well as governors across the nation. A graduate of Yale College and the University of Virginia Law School, he is Senior Counsel at the law firm Covington & Burling, LLP.
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