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(Pictured: Delaware Legislative Hall, Dover, DE)

COVID and the Working Poor

COVID and the Working Poor By Dr. John Stapleford May 18, 2020   As of this date there have been officially 290 COVID related deaths in Delaware out of a population of 982,000. This is a death rate of three one-hundred of one percent (.03%). There have been 7,870 confirmed COVID cases for an incidence rate of eight-tenth of one percent (.8%). The state government’s response, shutting down large portions of the Delaware economy, has been especially hard on the working poor. ...
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CRI announces new Board Chair: Matt Lenzini

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 14, 2020   The Caesar Rodney Institute announces Matt Lenzini as new Board Chair   (Newark, DE) - The Caesar Rodney Institute has announced that the Board has elected Matt Lenzini as their new Board Chair. Matt brings seasoned experience to the organization, including being a contributor to the organization's research and has served as a board member and Vice-Chairman.     In Matt's new role, he will be directly responsible for leading the Board and Executive Committee to carry out its governance functions. He will partner with the Executive Director to help ensure the Board's directives, policies, a...[read more]

Unemployment during COVID-19

Unemployment during COVID-19 By Dr. John Stapleford May 12, 2020   Officially, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), unemployment is the percent of the labor force that is actively looking for employment and cannot find it.   To be eligible for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits an individual has to be separated from their last job due to lack of available work.   Since many workers voluntarily leave jobs or are termi...[read more]

CRI Policy Position on COVID-19

UPDATED RELEASE: May 4, 2020 (original release dated April 30, 2020)   RE: CRI Policy Position on COVID-19   Looking at the worst-case scenario is our human default mechanism when faced with a new threat. Human...[read more]

Letter to Governor Carney: We urge you, Sir to suspend the CON laws immediately

April 15, 2020 Dear Governor Carney:   The present pandemic has shone the spotlight on the restrictive occupational licensing of doctors and nurses in their mobility state to state as well as practice restrictions in many states including Delaware. In a matter of a few days under the pressure to address the needs of patients/hospitals in a number of states, these restrictive regulations were suspended, waived or otherwise swept away.       Delaware should make the same reforms to these occupational licensing regulations and we urge you to do so even through Executive Order.       The COVID 19 pandemic response teams ...[read more]

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