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Delaware Sales Tax, Yes or No?

By Dr. John Stapleford Center for Economic Policy and Analysis October 31, 2020   Delaware state government is facing two years of flat general tax revenue. If instituting a state sales tax becomes a legislative issue, retailers may suffer substantial non-resident sales losses.   Pros vs. Cons of a sales tax? The biggest "pro" for a sales tax means that Delaware government revenues will grow at pace with inflation and the economy. ...
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(Pictured: Delaware Legislative Hall, Dover, DE)

Enough is Enough (10/30/2020)

Enough is Enough   By CRI Team (2-minute read)   "Wherever law ends, tyranny begins..."- John Locke, 1689   The open-ended rule of all aspects of everyone’s life in Delaware by an unaccountable Governor Carney under a flawed Emergency Executive Power law is tyranny.   Frequent telephone conversations between the Governor and Speaker of the House Schwartzkopf and Senate Majority Leader Poore is not governing ...
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Can DE's beach economy take another hit after COVID?

By David T. Stevenson October 22, 2020 Delaware's beach economy is reeling from the impact of government-imposed lockdowns to flatten the curve of new infections and hospitalizations from COVID-19. The Rehoboth/Dewey Chamber of Commerce estimated in July, resort area hotel revenue was down 35% to 50%, and restaurants were down 75%. Just 76 respondents of the 1,200 members surveyed by the Chamber estimated revenue loss of over $200 million.    At $3 billion a year, beach tourism is Delaware's largest industry. Research suggests beach tourism could see that ki...[read more]

It's time for PHASE 3 Delaware!

By Dr. John Stapleford October 20, 2020   The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) had released the "Employment Data" report by major industry through August 2020.   It clearly shows that Delaware’s economy will not have a healthy recovery growth rate unless PHASE 3 gets introduced.   Additionally, the data points out that DE's government (state, local, federal) has been less affected than DE's leisure and hospitality (restaurants) industries.   "Delaware Total Employment"-...[read more]

Investigate Carney for Nursing Home Deaths

By David T. Stevenson October 12, 2020   Governor Carney should be added to the US Attorney General’s list of states under investigation for sending COVID-19 positive patients back to long-term care facilities.    Delaware had the eleventh highest death rate from COVID-19 per 1,000 residents in long-term health care facilities for states as of September 6th according to the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.    At its peak in April and May, two-thirds of COVID-19 deaths in Delaware were in long term care facilities. This tragedy can be traced to Delaware Governor Carney’s April 15, 2020 State of Emerg...[read more]

Energy Lawsuit Wastes Taxpayer Money

By David T. Stevenson September 23, 2020   Delaware's Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against conventional energy companies, including Exxon Mobil, claiming they fraudulently covered up their contribution to manmade global warming. The suit is likely to meet the same fate as a similar lawsuit in New York that simply wasted taxpayer money. The New York Times reported the state Supreme Court judge dismissed the case calling the state's case "hyperbolic" after 4 years of investigation of millions of pages of documents.   In introducing the Delaware case, Attorney General Kat...[read more]

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