CRI Dave Stevenson on News Radio WGAN

"Mr. Stevenson's discussion will focus on the success (or lack thereof) of Maine's clean energy policies, including the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the upcoming Transportation and Climate Initiative, a regional coalition of 12 states and Washington DC that aims to reduce emissions in the transportation sector by imposing new fees on fuel distributors that will be passed onto consumers at the pump, in effect acting as a new gas tax."-The Morning News with Ken & Matt, WGAN.    CLICK PODCAST LINK BELOW AND LISTEN!
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Industrial size wind power is running into opposition

Industrial size wind power is running into opposition BY:  David T. Stevenson, Director, CRI Center for Energy Competitiveness DATE : 8/21/2019  (photo credit:                                                                            Utility scale wind power projects are facing a number of obstacles.  The extreme cases are in European countries that have been leaders in such projects, but resistance is also grow...[read more]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware's economy...

Dear Editor:   Contrary to the rhetoric coming out of Dover, Delaware’s economy is doing poorly. And the political establishment has little stomach for meaningful change.   THE ECONOMY’S PERFORMANCE   EMPLOYMENT: The current annual growth rate of private employment in Delaware is 0.6%, about half the nation’s rate. And 0.6% is the jobs growth rate projected by the Delaware Department of Labor through 2026 and 0.2% is the jobs growth rate projected by the Delaware Population Consortium. The bulk of the jobs being added in Delaware are in industries with lower wages and limited benefits, including restaurants, temporary help, janitorial serv...[read more]

Eliminate the Health care CON in Delaware

RELEASE: CRI - Center for Economic Policy and Analysis   RE: Eliminate the health care CON in Delaware   DATE:  5/16/19     In 1974, Congress passed the National Health Planning and Resources Development Act, which made certain Federal funding conditional upon states implementation of Certificate of Need (CON) laws. These laws require those who wish to open new healthcare facilities, expand existing facilities, or even purchase new equipment to obtain state regulator permission.   The Delaware Health Resources Board, part of the Delaware Health Care Commission, has responsibility for the CON public review process in the First State. ...[read more]

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