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(Pictured: Delaware Legislative Hall, Dover, DE)

New fuel economy standards provide safer, less expensive vehicle

New "Fuel Economy Standards" provide safer, less expensive vehicles   By David T. Stevenson July 30, 2020   The U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Environmental Protection Agency have released a new final fuel economy rule for passenger cars and light trucks that will be a win for consumer choice. The Safer Affordable Fuel Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles.   The rule requires average fuel economy of new vehicles to increase by 1.5 ...
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Long term trends

Long term trends   By Dr. John Stapleford July 23, 2020   With funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, management guru Michael Porter has compiled time series data on the economic performance of states, counties, and metropolitan areas. The clear data generally starts in 1998 and ends with the latest updates…typically 2018.     After expressing the various measures of economic performance as growth rat...[read more]

Flawed Assumptions throughout DE's Climate Action Plan

Flawed Assumptions throughout DE's Climate Action Plan By David T. Stevenson July 16, 2020   Delaware has been developing a Climate Action Plan , and is requesting public input. It is clear DNREC ( Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control) has already decided on a list of action items, most of which are already in place.  Public workshops ask for responses through leading questions, and provide documentation of the climate chan...[read more]

COVID-19 Lockdowns Impact on Ozone Pollution

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 18, 2020   COVID-19 Lockdowns Impact on Ozone Pollution   NEWARK, DE - David Stevenson, Director of the Center for Energy & Environmental Policy at the Caesar Rodney Institute, has released a study “COVID-19 Lockdowns Impact on Ozone Pollution.”   High levels of ozone heighten symptoms for people with respiratory ailments, such as asthma, and chronic obstructed pulmonary disease (COPD), and can result in more hospitalizations. Ozone is not emitted directly, but forms from both natural and manmade precur...[read more]

Letter to Governor Carney: We urge you, Sir to suspend the CON laws immediately

April 15, 2020 Dear Governor Carney:   The present pandemic has shone the spotlight on the restrictive occupational licensing of doctors and nurses in their mobility state to state as well as practice restrictions in many states including Delaware. In a matter of a few days under the pressure to address the needs of patients/hospitals in a number of states, these restrictive regulations were suspended, waived or otherwise swept away.       Delaware should make the same reforms to these occupational licensing regulations and we urge you to do so even through Executive Order.       The COVID 19 pandemic response teams ...[read more]

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