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Majority of Delaware Voters will NOT re-elect a Legislator who Supports Banning


NEWARK, D.E. – The Caesar Rodney Institutea Delaware-based public policy research organization, and Ragnar Researcha nationally-recognized public opinion research firm, released a survey with eye-shocking stats. The stats reveal that Delaware voters (Republicans, Independents, Democrats) from all three counties (New Castle, Kent, Sussex) would not re-elect a legislator who supported the gasoline vehicle ban.
According to the survey conducted in February 2023, most Delaware voters oppose (73%) a ban on the sale of new cars powered by gasoline, and that would only allow the sale of new electric vehicles, especially among Republican voters (82%). High costs, not having a sufficient number of charging stations, and environmental harm from batteries are the primary concerns.
“We also asked about banning future hookups to natural gas and propane in new building construction, including heating, hot water, and cooking appliances. The survey found that 68% opposed the ban, while 20% supported the ban. When asked about voting for legislative candidates, 59% were less likely to vote for a candidate who voted for a ban, with 19% more likely to vote for a candidate supporting the ban. Lawmakers should seriously consider this survey we are sharing on this mandate
and listen to their constituents.”
- John Toedtman, Executive Director
To view the survey results, please CLICK HERE.
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