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School District Transparency Web site Launched

10/19/2009 will improve access to information about Delaware’s public schools.
DOVER – The Caesar Rodney Institute today launched,, a user-friendly Web site that allows all Delawareans to know just how the state’s school districts and charter schools are performing on a variety of measures.
The tool is ideal for parents, educators, and any person interested in knowing how taxpayer dollars are spent in Delaware schools.
In an effort to create a better understanding of school performance and funding, Sunlight on Schools allows every Delawarean to see important information on the state’s 19 school districts as well as charter schools.
In addition to school performance measures, the site contains all teacher, administrative, and professional staff salaries.
The data comes directly from the Delaware Department of Education and the state Division of Accounting.
Sunlight on Schools allows users to view single district reports and to compare up to five school districts in Delaware simultaneously. Users can search metrics such as; cost per pupil, teacher/administrator compensation, enrollment trends, expenditure and revenue information, district debt, student teacher ratios, and reading, writing and math proficiency among other performance measures.
The site is a useful tool for anyone interested in education in Delaware. As calls for greater transparency increase, Sunlight on Schools is the logical next step toward providing everyone with information on Delaware’s schools in a user-friendly format.
While all of the information is already publically available, Sunlight on Schools makes finding the data far more convenient. Now, Delawareans can read and understand the information without scouring the Internet to find it.
The Caesar Rodney Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-partisan, research and educational organization founded in 2008. CRI is committed to being a catalyst for improved performance, accountability and efficiency in Delaware government. For more information, please visit