CRI Action Plans

OUR VISION:  CRI envisions a Delaware where all Delawareans are empowered to make informed decisions that best enable them to pursue their aspirations and achieve their goals.
OUR MISSION:  CRI creates independent analysis to help Delawareans make more informed decisions.
CRI's Guiding Principles:
1.  Analysis will be independent and driven by reliable data.
2.  When new information is presented, we consider it and adjust our analysis when necessary.
3.  We will stay focused on the issues that affect Delawareans and are directly aligned with our policy center initiatives.
4.  We believe that markets work and that government’s role should be limited to activities that cannot be better served through private means.
5.  We believe that good laws, regulations, and legislation can only be created when the costs, benefits, impact, and secondary effects are well understood.
6.  Laws and regulations can limit liberty. We need the right laws, not just more of them.
7.  The US and Delaware constitutions are the basis for law and governance. Laws must conform with these Constitutions.
8.  We are responsible financial stewards and forthcoming, conscientious partners with our donors.