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Return Sentencing Discretion to Judiciary, Save $50 Million a Year
While not all judges are as wise as Solomon, judicial decisions are a cornerstone of our legal system.  Delaware’s incarceration rate spiked after adoption of mandatory sentencing was adopted. Bottom line, we may simply have 1500 more people in our over-crowded prisons than is justified b...[read more]
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Move sentencing into the 21st century
It is time for Delaware to act on sentencing reform.
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Criminal Justice Policy in Delaware: Options for Controlling Costs and Protecting Public Safety
Delaware has enacted significant reforms in recent years to improve its criminal justice system, balancing the need for public safety with the goal of rehabilitating offenders who are amenable to change. Despite this progress, Delaware faces significant criminal justice challenges. Fortunately, ther...[read more]
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Keys to an Effective Drug Policy
The Texas Public Policy Foundation has released, "Keys to an Effective Drug Policy." The highlights of the release are below: Drug Courts. Drug courts are a proven alternative to incarceration for low level drug offenders. Drug courts offer intensive judicial oversight of ...[read more]
Keys to an Effective Probation Policy
/* St...[read more]
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