COVID Updates

Another Shutdown will be Twice Devastating to Everyone

by Dr. Christopher Casscells
November 16, 2020
Presumptive President-elect Joe Biden announced his new team for managing the COVID-19 virus and that he would follow the science and their recommendations. His team members promptly let it be known that they would favor a 4-6 week national shutdown and mandatory nation-wide face mask-wearing.
Based upon the severe economic devastation and very negative health consequences for those with non-COVID conditions seen after the March-May national economy shutdown, the correct approach is the Great Barrington Petition.
Three internationally prominent epidemiologists (not gov't health policy bureaucrats) backed up by 19,000 physicians, and experts recommended that the elderly and those with underlying conditions should be aggressively protected; the virus should work its way through the population to achieve "population immunity" and, finally, deal with 'hot spots' as they crop up.
Psychologically, another shutdown will be twice devastating to everyone: once in itself and twice when it doesn't work because the virus will assuredly reappear once the shutdown ends.
By now, everyone knows the definition of insanity.