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Delaware Needs a 'Pick-me-up'
How about a new song?
By Charlie Copeland
Center for Analysis of Delaware's Economy & Government Spending
December 30, 2022
In 1925, Delaware's government anointed a state song, "Our Delaware," by an act of the General Assembly. According to Wikipedia, "Our Delaware" is derived from a 1904 poem by George Beswick Hynson, comprising three verses, each honoring one of Delaware's three counties.
After listening to Delaware's state song, it seems to be very dated and lethargic-just like DelawareYou don't have to take my word for it; CLICK HERE and listen for yourself!
Perhaps it is time for a refresh by adding a "state anthem" to go along with the "state song" and choosing a tune that better reflects Delaware today.
Below are my seven recommendations for consideration for a "state anthem" from a few existing songs created by four Delaware-related artists! I hope you will give them a listen.
No list would be complete without these four artists and the seven specific songs. I hope these selections will generate some thoughts and laughs. However, I am sure I have missed some other obvious choices, and I hope that CRI readers might come up with their own examples and share them on social media.
Delaware's future "state anthem" should reflect Delaware as it is today while connecting to artists who have a connection to the State.
Happy Holidays!


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