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People vote with their dollars

People vote with their dollars By David T. Stevenson June 23, 2020   Environmental groups claim widespread support for...
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Delaware’s Economic Gap

Delaware's Economic Gap By Dr. John Stapleford June 11, 2020   As shown in the char...
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Latest on Covid in Delaware

Did Delaware "flatten the curve?" By Matt Lenzini June 9, 2020   "Flatten the curve" – the phrase has become an imbedded part of the American lexicon. Delawareans were asked to help "flatten the curve" in mid-March.   ...
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COVID and the Working Poor

COVID and the Working Poor By Dr. John Stapleford May 18, 2020   As of this date there ha...
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CRI announces new Board Chair: Matt Lenzini

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 14, 2020   The Caesar Rodney Institute announces Matt Lenzini as new Board Chair   (Newark, DE) - The Caesar Rodney Institute has announced that the Board has elected Matt Lenzini as their new Board Chair. Matt brings seasoned experience to...
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Unemployment during COVID-19

Unemployment during COVID-19 By Dr. John Stapleford May 12, 2020   Officially, accordin...
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CRI Policy Position on COVID-19

UPDATED RELEASE: May 4, 2020 (original release dated April 30, 2020)   RE: CRI Policy Position on COVID-19 ...
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Second step in dealing with Delaware’s budget deficit

FOR RELEASE April 29, 2020   RE: Second step in dealing with Delaware’s budget deficit by David T. Stevenson, CRI Policy Director ...
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First Step in Dealing with Delaware's Budget Deficit (4/21/2020)

In just one month the spending limit has dropped $443 million for the 2020 Fiscal Year state budget that begins on July 1, according to the Delaware Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC). The lockdown of the economy in response to the COVID-19 virus is hitting Delaware hard, and DEFAC is looking at nea...
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Letter to Governor Carney: We urge you, Sir to suspend the CON laws immediately

April 15, 2020 Dear Governor Carney:   The present pandemic has shone the spotlight on the restrictive occupational licensing of doctors and nurses in their mobility state to state as well as practice restrictions in many states, including Delaware. In a matter of a few days, under the...
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