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Individual Liberty vs. Government Authority

Individual Liberty vs. Government Authority By Richard Spencer, Ph.D.     While teaching graduate level Economics in Delaware during the 90s, I used The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayekas a required secondary reading. Hayek was the 1974 Nobel Prize winner in Economics and a proponent of the A...
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Improving Public Perception

Improving Public Perception   It is easy for Americans to lose faith in their elected officials. The constant stream of stories of abuse of power, breaking of the public trust and seemingly backwards priorities fuels the nation’s perception of lawmakers.   Certainly, there are many c...
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Have a Coke and a Tax

Have a Coke and a Tax   by Veronique de Rugy Published at, 12/14/09 "With the federal deficit reaching $1.4 trillion and most state budgets deep in the red, policy makers are desperately searching for new sources of revenue that the tapped-out American public might support. They...
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The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm by John Stapleford           Recent Federal data reveals that Delaware now ranks 5th among all the states in the percent of births to unmarried mothers. Nearly 46% of Delaware births during 2006 were to unwed mothers, including 32% of birth...
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Death Tax: Time to Kill It Forever

The Caesar Rodney Institute recently issued a commentary on the Death Tax as it pertains to Delaware. Specifically, the tax was reestablished in Delaware during the first session of the 145th General Assembly.   On December 2, 2009, The Heritage Foundation released a memo containing additi...
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Alternative high frequency data

Alternative high frequency data By Dr. John Stapleford September 30, 2020   Economic da...
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