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Criminal Justice Policy in Delaware: Options for Controlling Costs and Protecting Public Safety

Delaware has enacted significant reforms in recent years to improve its criminal justice system, balancing the need for public safety with the goal of rehabilitating offenders who are amenable to change. Despite this progress, Delaware faces significant criminal justice challenges. Fortunately, ther...
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Stimulus Plan and the Deficit

The historic initiative of President Obama’s first month in office is the Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package passed with little time, oversight, analysis or comprehensive bipartisan perspective. Its probability of success as a stimulus vehicle is also widely in question. It was pretty much accep...
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A Whither Report

The individuals who gathered in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776 to declare the independence of the original thirteen Colonies from England did so at great peril because they were, as a group, among the wealthiest and better educated citizens with the most to lose if their efforts failed.

Delawares Bad Habit

State Senator Colin Bonini has created a power point presentation that highlights Delawares Bad Habit....over spending. We have posted Senator Boninis presentation for visitors to view.

Reduce the Size of Government

The simple point is: we need to rethink how we pursue government spending and re-prioritize the numbers we use so that we can start anew. In doing so, remember the following from economist John Maynard Keynes:   “Nor should the argument seem strange that taxation may be so high as to defe...
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Move sentencing into the 21st century

It is time for Delaware to act on sentencing reform.

Bring sentencing in DE into the 21st century

The importance of sentencing reform to Delaware.

Delaware Medicaid out of control?

Enrollment in Medicaid in Delaware has soared 70% over the last decade. The projected costs to the State are unsustainable.

The creativity of tax payers

Hausers Law demonstrates that taxpyers will only fork over so much of their income to government. Data shows that is true in Delaware as well. If legislators want to grow state revenue, they must growth the economy first.

The futility of raising taxes

More confirmation that taxpayers will only cough up a fixed amount of their earnings to the government.


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