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Bring sentencing in DE into the 21st century

The importance of sentencing reform to Delaware.

Delaware Medicaid out of control?

Enrollment in Medicaid in Delaware has soared 70% over the last decade. The projected costs to the State are unsustainable.

The creativity of tax payers

Hausers Law demonstrates that taxpyers will only fork over so much of their income to government. Data shows that is true in Delaware as well. If legislators want to grow state revenue, they must growth the economy first.

The futility of raising taxes

More confirmation that taxpayers will only cough up a fixed amount of their earnings to the government.

Return Sentencing Discretion to Judiciary, Save $50 Million a Year

While not all judges are as wise as Solomon, judicial decisions are a cornerstone of our legal system.  Delaware’s incarceration rate spiked after adoption of mandatory sentencing was adopted. Bottom line, we may simply have 1500 more people in our over-crowded prisons than is justified b...
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Foundation of Delawares Economy

Delaware is very close to if not already beyond the point of no return regarding manufacturing, financial and agricultural jobs.  It is almost entirely the fault of the General Assembly, the Governor’s cabinet and the Governor. (The greater Northeast also has the same anti-manufacturing v...
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Due Diligence

When graduating high school students apply for college, they spend a great deal of time researching where they would like to go and deciding where to apply. They research schools, visit campuses and give serious consideration to factors such as cost, social environment, location, academics, etc&hell...
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Center for Fiscal Accountability

2009 State Legislative Spending Transparency Efforts (preliminary list)

Delawares Economic Climate

How does Delaware compare to other mid-Atlantic states in various economic indicators?

The Time is Now to make Delaware a Right to Work State

The Time is Now to make Delaware a Right to Work State   It happens like clockwork. A bill to make Delaware a right to work state has been introduced regularly in recent years.   Given the economic climate, the need for jobs, and the competitive nature of finding and incubating new and exi...
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