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Nuclear Power Far from a Dead Horse

Nuclear Power Far from a Dead Horse By David T. Stevenson, CRI Policy Director 4/8/2019   Dr. Sowers April 8, comparison of nuclear power to a dead horse is dead wrong.  Despite the recent closure of a few nuclear power plants the remaining plants still supply 20 percent of...
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THE UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE IN TRANSITION A common theme among the current candidates for the position of mayor of the City of Newark is the call for improved dialogue with the University of Delaware. The impression is that the University is growing rapidly and having a bigger footprint i...
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Delaware's statewide property tax update

3/11/2019 DATA DELAWARE:  Delaware's statewide property tax update Senate Bill 50, the Del Tech carve-out, is dead. State Senator Colin Bonini provided the leadership in defeating it! Today, the State Senator from the 16th District, makes his first of a two part visit address...
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Delaware’s Misguided Lawsuits against the EPA

Delaware’s Misguided Lawsuits against the EPA By David T. Stevenson, CRI Policyb Director 2/28/2019   Delaware has joined another multi-state lawsuit against a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation.   The Obama era EPA wrote the Cross-State Air P...
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Del Tech tax issue sign of deeper problem

(Originally published on March 1, 2019 by Delaware Business Now.  See link below to be directed to the originally article or to contact the publisher, Doug Rainey.) Good afternoon, Constituents spoke out and a plan to provide a reliable source of funds for maintenance and related e...
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Who PAYS Delaware’s TAXES?

The media has been fixated on the self-proclaimed Justice Democrats, especially their aggressive tax policy proposals.    Soooo, in Delaware, who actually pays the billions in taxes?   Corporate America, Delaware’s unique incorporation franchise , makes u...
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February 12, 2019: Taxation without Representation - SB 50

TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION:  SB 50 By David T. Stevenson, CRI Policy Director  2/13/2019   SB50 adds the ability of Delaware Technical & Community College to assess a property tax in each county to repay tax free bonds for capital improvement projects at the college ...
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Letter to Governor Carney: Offshore Wind Threatens Beach Economy

Dear Governor Carney,   One of the true joys of visiting the ocean is the chance to stare out on a crystal clear day and let the mind wander to the mysteries that lie over the horizon, and to enjoy the pure beauty.  It is rejuvenating.  Have you ever watched with wonder as the moon rises over th...
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February 12, 2019: Delaware ranks a precarious 36th

ALEC’s widely followed Rich States, Poor States publication was just released.    According to the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Chief Economist Jonathan Williams, not that long ago Delaware was ranked 25th, we’re now 36th, and it's highl...
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Industrial size wind power is running into opposition

Industrial size wind power is running into opposition David T. Stevenson, Director, Center for Energy Competitiveness DATE : 8/21/2019                                                                              Utility scale wind power projects are facing a number of obstacles.  The extrem...
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